Delivery beyond the Russian Federation borders is performed by DHL:

There are several delivery modes:

1. Self-Delivery. You can come to our office and take the goods paid for by NON-CASH PAYMENT (cash collected on delivery; this mode is used only if the goods are delivered by the courier). If you are informed that the prepaid goods can be taken, you shall come with Power of Attorney issued by the Payer Company (with the stamp if you are Director).

2. Free delivery by a shipping company in Moscow within Moscow Ring Highway. Delivery term is 1 – 2 working days depending on availability of the goods in stock. It is possible to deliver certain goods and pay for them to the courier in cash (cash collected on delivery; the courier will give you a bill).

3. Delivery to regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia by a shipping company ( or In this case you shall select SPSR delivery mode; cost of delivery is included into the paying bill automatically taking into consideration the parcel weight. If you need to include cost of delivery into the goods price, please send us a letter to E-mail: If you see cost calculation error in delivery window, it means the shipping company web-site is temporarily inaccessible; please send us a letter to E-mail: or call on phone Nos. +7(499)1933090 or +7(903)2990003.

4. Delivery beyond the Russian Federation borders is performed by СПСР, DHL, UPS and Pony Express shipping companies. We can discuss details by E-mail:  or on phone Nos.  +7(499)1933090 or +7(903)2990003.

Delivery abroad by SPSR, DHL, UPS, Pony Express services. Please, call

+7 495 506-68-69, +7 903 299-00-03


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