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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971. Part 2.

Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971. Part 2.Enlarge


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lems involved in a young discipline, radiatsionnan hygiene. It should be noted that the relevant health standards and hygienic requirements for the work with sources of ionizing radiation izluchenpy limit value voadeysgvpy to a level safe for health.

However, due to nedostatochpogo familiarity with basic issues of radiobiology is not a rare pepr avilnoe predsgavlepis about] 101 111 iruyuschey radiation as only harmful to adorovya factor. Similarly, in the beginning of the century and a couple of centuries elektrichsstva lol: th time due to lack of experience and neenaniya sushestvoyaali Ave 'dubezhdenie and fear of them, so all of us, Well ipuschpm in the atomic age, it must be clearly prepstavl amb grapitsy oppsposti ray impacts, for Why should ow adet oprsleloppymp information on the biological effects ioniZIIRUYuSchl'j, p adiatspn.

With ': JTOj', tssl yu will learn more about the famous sovremenpoy ppuk "zikopomernostyah governing the response of the body" and luchsnys NCPA ystviya, knowledge will allow them to consciously 01'nositsya ionnairuyuschsy radiation as one of the spetsificheCKI! X fa throne atom 'century.

Paibolso 'lflCloi'1 form of radiation effects on humans of the atomic action l n.chyagtsya I repeated the action of ionizing radnatsii m in doses of red ax. I: C long-term effect experienced by people peposrsds 1'11 ('11110 rlbotayuschis radiation sources.

All people. to ak 11 all orgappzmy on Earth, constantly exposed to the estsstv nnymp pstochpikamp ioniziruyushey radiation. Among the man istochinkov p adiatspi affecting the population in small doses, slslugt nazvat rentgenodiagnosticheskis procedures diagpostichss: M 'Ave pmspspie radioactive isotopes, global vypadenpo p alioakl ivtsyh isotopes after 11 s held n X n 11 tests j'l yadsrpogo weapons tslsvizory, luminous dials of watches with p adioaktivpymt: substances. Therefore, the focus of the booklet 'Bud' d fate but the characteristics of small biodogicheskogo N '] ionizing radiation uyusch 1'1, and most importantly in this har aktsrpstikg can be reduced to three OSN0V' s m terms:

- A world in which we live, ralpoakl-ivsi. KN.; Just said 'English scholar Spears' p adioantnvnp) people live in a radioactive world ";

- The radioactivity of the world and yavlyast 'N necessary for the existence and development yazpi x 11 (1 Earth;

- ZN achitelnoe prevyshepie sstssgvsppogo radisaktivnosti level dangerous to human health.

Justification of these provisions 11 evidence a wide range of levels of biological effects of radiation noniziruyuschey, ranging from harmless to living things and ending with those that can cause radiation damage is the goal of the proposed brochure.


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