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Dosimeters and radiometers

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DKG-AT2503 Individual dosimeter (Atomtech, Belarus)

DKG-AT2503 Individual dosimeter (Atomtech, Belarus)Enlarge

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Miniature microprocessor instruments (DKG-AT2503 series) with optimal combination of accuracy, functional capacities, ease of usability, reliability and cost, which are meant for measuring of individual equivalent dose and dose rate of gamma-radiation. Together with reading device connected to PC they maintain establishment of effectively working radiation exposure automated control system for the personnel. 

- Simultaneous dose and gamma-radiation dose rate measuring within the wide range.
- Resistance to strikes and vibration; dust and humidity proof; resistance to electromagnetic impacts;
- Continuous detector and battery discharge self-control;

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- Audio and light emitting diode signaling;

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- Systemic or autonomous utilization;
- Small dimensions and weight;
- Signaling mode indicating existence of impulse Roentgen radiation with duration from 10 ns.

Application areas:
- Nuclear industry;
- Nuclear medicine;
- Radiology;
- Gamma-defectoscopy;
- Emergency situations;
- Civil aviation;
- Scientific research;
- Dose monitoring of population.

Dosimeters are meant for measuring of Roentgen and gamma-radiation individual equivalent dose and dose rate within the range of energies from 50 keV to 1.5 MeV. Geiger-Mueller SBM-21 Counter with energy compensating filter is applied as detecting device. Recording of their own background and microprocessor processing maintain high dose measuring accuracy within wide range of dose rates (6.5 orders).

Operation modes control, calculations, data indication on LED-display with highlight and self-diagnostics are accomplished by microprocessor. Availability of power-independent memory gives the opportunity to memorize and save accumulated dose and history of its accumulation if power supply is switched off. Dosimeters calibration at release is accomplished at water phantom 30х30х15 cm in accordance with ISO 4037-3 International Standard. Dosimeters shall be carried in a person’s cloths breast pocket.
Dosimeters may be used independently or within dosimetric control system: dosimeter – reading device (RD) – PC. Dosimeter communication with RD is accomplished though an infrared channel; communication between RD and PC is implemented through a standard RS 232 interface. Software delivered together with RD allows performing the following actions:
- Reading/ detection of Dosimeter individual and manufacturing numbers;
- Changing dose and dose rate thresholds;
- Prohibition/permission for selection of dose and dose rate thresholds by the button located on Dosimeter front panel;
- Dose accumulation interval changing from 1 to 255 minutes and opportunity to detect accumulated doses for any time interval during the working shift;
- Automatic record into memory up to 800 accumulated dose values for the selected accumulation interval;
- Accumulated dose deletion (nullification);
- Prohibition/permission for deletion of accumulated dose by the button on the Dosimeter front panel; graphic dose representation;
- Automatic recording of information into the database and documenting.

Operation modes: dose indication, dose rate indication, economy, menu, dose nullification (deletion), dose signaling threshold selection, dose rate signaling threshold selection, information exchange with PC.

Main characteristics:

Measuring ranges:
Individual equivalent dose (with the interval of 0.1 mcSv);
DKG-AT2503, DKG-AT2503A - 1 mcSv - 10 Sv; 
Individual equivalent dose rate; 
DKG -АТ2503 0.1 mcSv/hour – 0.5 Sv/hour;
DKG -АТ2503А 0.1 mcSv/hour – 0.1 Sv/hour;
Range of energies  is 50 keV – 1.5 MeV;
Main dose measuring error is ± 15 %;
Calibration error and Cesium-137Cs ± 5 %;
Main dose rate measuring error
within the range from 0.1 to 1 mcSv/hour ± 25 %;
Above 1 mcSv/hour ± 15 %;
Energetic dependence of sensitivity
within the range 50 keV – 1.5 MeV ± 30 %.

Audio and LED signaling in the cases when dose measuring range and dose rate or dose and dose rate threshold are exceeded, in case of detector failure or battery discharge.
Independent signaling thresholds 
Dose: 30 mcSv, 200 mcSv, 1 mSv, 4.2 mSv, 12.5 mSv, 50 mSv, 100 mSv, 1 Sv
Dose rate: 0.6 mcSv/ hour, 3 mcSv/ hour, 30 mcSv/ hour, 300 mcSv/ hour, 3 mcSv/ hour, 30 mSv/ hour, 300 mSv/ hour, 500 mSv/ hour. 
Thresholds can be reset upon the Customer’s request. 
Anisotropy in the angle interval ±75°:
for 137Cs and 60Co ± 20 %; for 241Am ± 50%.
At dose rate > 10 mcSv/hour time of response to dose rate reset is 5 seconds.
Radiation overloading (reverse lack)
DKG-AT2503 up to 5 Sv/ hour;
DKG-AT 2503А up to 1 Sv/ hour.
Operational conditions: 
Working temperature range is -10о - + 40о.
Relative humidity at temperature from + 35оС is up to 90 %.
Resistance against falling from 1.5 m height.
Time of working mode setting is 1 minute.
Protection Class IP54.

Power supply is accomplished by a set of three SC-33 or SR-44, V357, LR44, A76

Continuous operation time with one set of batteries: 
if dose rate is < 1 mcSv/hour operation time is 1000 hours; 
in economy mode (with indicator switched off) operation time is 5000 hours.
Electromagnetic compatibility:
STB MEK 61000-4-2-2006;
STB GOST P 51317.4.3-2001.
Dosimeters 85 х 46 х 16 mm;
Reader 90 х 66 х 28 mm.
Dosimeters 70 g;
Reader 300 g.

Delivery scope: individual dosimeter, power supply batteries, a chain with a clip, plastic casings for decontamination facilitation, Operation Manual and packing. 

Customers can additionally order the following items: reader and software for personnel radiation exposure database formation and keeping as well as modifications of DKG-АТ2503 and DKG-АТ2503А dosimeters with enhanced range of working temperature values from -30o to +600oС or with signaling mode warning about presence of impulse Roentgen radiation.

GKD-АТ2503 and DKG-АТ2503А individual dosimeters are included into Registers of Measuring Means in the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Lithuania. 

They comply with MEK 61283International Standard as well as with EN 55022 B: 1998 and EN 55024 B:1988 Standards pursuant to Directive 89/33/EEC.


DKG-AT2503 Individual dosimeter (Atomtech, Belarus)Enlarge  DKG-AT2503 Individual dosimeter (Atomtech, Belarus)Enlarge  DKG-AT2503 Individual dosimeter (Atomtech, Belarus)Enlarge 


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