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Potassium radioactivity levels (N.V. Ryabov)

Potassium radioactivity levels (N.V. Ryabov)Enlarge


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With the help of domestic dosimeter "Expert" You can put an interesting experiment. For the experiment will need packing fertilizer "potassium chloride". These fertilizers are often packaged in plastic bags in one kilogram. Spend a measure equivalent dose rate and flux density of beta radiation by placing the device directly on the bag with fertilizer. 
Practice shows that the equivalent dose in the immediate vicinity of the package exceeds the background value by about 40%. The flux density of beta radiation from the package amounts to about 0.6 particles / (s.sm2). 
The presence of the radioactive isotope potassium-40 explains the results. This isotope is a gamma-and beta-emitter. And 90% decay of potassium-40 is produced beta particle (electron), and in 10% of the photon (gamma ray). 
The package of potash can be used to verify the operation of the device. 
Here are a few important variables: 
0.15 mSv / h - the approximate value of the equivalent dose due to natural background radiation, depending on local conditions can vary within fairly wide limits (up to 1 Sv / h); 
0.3 mSv / h - exceeding permissible dose rate to the projected areas of the dose in the open. 
0.2 mSv / h - exceeding the equivalent dose in exploited areas of the dose in the open, where necessary protective measures. 
The level of research - from 0.01 to 0.3 mSv / year level requires an investigation of the source. 
The level of intervention - more than 0.3 mSv / year, calls for protective measures. 
1 mSv / year - a level of intervention in areas contaminated as a result of radiation accidents. If you exceed the level is zoning. 
0.67 particles / (s.sm2) - the permissible level of contamination of the skin of beta-emitting radionuclides Sr-90 and Y-90. 


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