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IRD-02 professional dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)

IRD-02 professional dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)Enlarge

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IRD-02 dosimeter-radiometer is meant for measuring of effective gamma-radiation dose rate and beta-particle flux density as well as for estimation of alpha-particle flux density, this flux being emitted from contaminated surfaces. The device is widely used in Central Bank of Russia and in commercial banks for detection and monitoring of contaminated paper money without packing and in various packing; it is also used for estimation of radiation safety at working places, residential premises etc. as well as estimation of foodstuff and ground samples contamination etc.

Number in the State Register of Measuring Means No. 17899-98.


Dosimeter is designed in the shape of a small-size portable mono-device with a reduced size handle so that it is convenient to hold it by hand. SBT-10 gas-discharge end-window counter with the largest sensitive surface and a relatively thin mica window maintaining registration of alpha-particles is applied in this device. When registering gamma-radiation the counter’s window is covered by a special screen in order to reduce running with hardness.

Besides, IRD-02 has got the following advantages if compared with analogous devices: low energetic threshold of beta-particles registration, reduced energetic dependence of gamma-radiation registration and availability of a check source for workability testing. 
For operative measuring and radioactive abnormalities search a convenient working mode is applied in the device: change of indications occurs approximately in 2 seconds and indication fixing time is 30-40 seconds. 
The device has got only two control organs: power supply and mode switches (beta-gamma-radiation measuring). Information is indicated on the four-digit numeric display and there is an audio signaling device. 
Power supply is accomplished by rechargeable batteries (a charging unit is attached) or by a KORUND type battery; there is a power supply socket for an 8-9 V adapter, too. 
Technical characteristics:

Effective dose rate measuring range is 0.01 – 20.0 mcSv/ hour.
Photon energy range is 0.06 – 1.25 MeV.
Energetic dependence at dose rate measuring is ±30%.
Beta-particle flux density measuring range is 3-2000 part./cm2.min.
Registered beta-radiation energy low limit is not above 0.05 MeV.
Main relative error is ±25%.
Alpha-particle flux density indication range is 104 – 2 x 106 part./ cm2 min.
Registered alpha-particles energy low limit is not above 3 MeV.
Dimensions are 240 х 78 х 65 mm.
Weight with battery is not above 500 g.

Additional information: 

Delivery scope: 
- Dosimeter-radiometer; 
- Two rechargeable batteries of 7D-0.125 type; 
- Charging unit: 
- Operation Manual; 
- Check source; 
- Calibration Certificate; 
- Network adapter; 
- Connector. 
 Guarantee term is 12 months from the date of initial calibration. Calibration interval is 12 months.

IRD-02 professional dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)Enlarge  IRD-02 professional dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)Enlarge  IRD-02 professional dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)Enlarge  IRD-02 professional dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)Enlarge 


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