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Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)

Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge

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RD 1706 Dosimeter is meant for personnel working with radioactive substances as well as for users having knowledge about dosimetry at the everyday life level but willing (or forced) to use dosimeters in domestic environment (foodstuff, testing of premises, ground etc.) or at work (paper money, coins etc.) 

RD 1706 is used for gamma and beta rays radioactive radiation measuring. Low-voltage Geiger – Mueller Counter for penetrating beta- and gamma-radiation of SBM20–1 type applied in professional dosimetric devices is used in the dosimeter. 

The instrument may be used by personnel working with ionizing radiations sources. Dosimeter counts the quantity of gamma- and beta-particles during 26 seconds (!) and indicates the data in mcSv/ hour or mcR/ hour at the liquid crystal display.

RADEX 1706 has got maximal range of service functions if compared with other models of this series: it registers gamma, beta and Roentgen radiation; indications range was increased hundredfold; reproducibility was improved and became two times better; time of testing was reduced; when dose rate grows, time of testing is reduced to 1 second; convenience at premises testing; vibrosignaling is available; calibration coefficient setting etc. Dimensions and weight: 105 х 60 х 26 mm, 0.09 kg.

Main Advantages:
Low-voltage Geiger - Mueller counter for penetrating beta- and gamma-radiation of SBM20–1 type.
BACKGROUND mode for premises testing; over 100 (!) attention limits.
Calibration coefficient installation. 

Technical Characteristics:

Range of dose ambient equivalent rate indications, Н*(10), mcSv/hour, from 0.05 to 999.9. 
Range of registered gamma-radiation energies, MeV, from 0.03 to 3.0.

Range of registered beta-radiation energies, MeV, from 0.25 to 3.5.

Reproducibility of indications (at confidence probability equal to 0.95), where Р is dose rate in mcSv/hour , %  - 7+6/Р
Levels of audio signaling, mcSv/hour is from 0.10 to 99.0
Observation time in seconds is  - 40 ± 0.5*
Indication is continuous.
Type AAA battery – one or two pieces.
Continuous operation time is at least 550 hours**.
Dimensions (height x width x thickness) in mm, not above 105 х 60 х 26 mm.
Instrument weight (without batteries) in kg, not above 0.09.
Range of registered Roentgen radiation energies, MeV from 0.03 to 3.0***

* 1) Observation time reduces if MeV grows above 3.5_mcSv/hour.
2) Increase of tests number results in indications reliability growth. 

** 1) Two power supply batteries with capacity of 1350 mAhour at natural background level not exceeding 0.3 mcSv/hour, provided manufacturer’s settings of the instrument are preserved. 
2) It is possible to maintain operation with one AAA type power supply battery (in this case continuous operation time is reduced). 

Download Conformity Certificate for RADEX RD1706 Dosimeter (RUS) 


Verification of the metrological characteristics of indicators of radioactivity party is done by certified radioactive sources 

Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter Radex 1706 (Radex, Russia)Enlarge 


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