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Dosimeters and radiometers

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MKS-01СA1B Dosimeter-Radiometer (Aunis, Russia)

MKS-01СA1B Dosimeter-Radiometer (Aunis, Russia)Enlarge

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MKS-01СA1B is a miniature multifunctional home Dosimeter-Radiometer with once-a-second continuous correction of indications and with displaying current statistical error as well as with voice insonification and voice estimation of indication results meant for the following purposes:

Estimation of gamma- (Roentgen) radiation ambient equivalent dose rate;

Estimation of gamma- (Roentgen) radiation ambient equivalent dose;

Estimation of beta-particle flux density, this flux being emitted by contaminated surfaces;

Estimation of alpha-particle flux density;

Search of ionizing radiation source and operative estimation of radiation background;

Estimation of radon situation and radioactive contamination of foodstuff.

Distinguishing peculiarities: 
Voice insonification of gamma-radiation dose rate measuring results and operative voice analysis of radiation conditions:

NORMAL – at dose rate up to 60 mcR/ hour;

ATTENTION - from 60 to120 mcR/ hour;

DANGER – more than 120 mcR/ hour.

For the Customer’s convenience voice insonification of indications is performed in old (off-system) dose rate measuring units, namely, in mcR/ hour or mR/ hour; 
Maintenance convenience due to pocket size;

Availability of an easily readable large two-line letter-and-digital liquid crystal display with highlight;

Only two pseudo-sensory control buttons; 
Simultaneous indication of observation results on the display (gamma-radiation dose rate or beta- and alpha- particle flux density) and its current statistical error in confidence internal of 0,95; 
Quick automatic change of the Instrument indications in case of radiation intensity change for more than double root-mean-square deviation of measuring result (2δ); 
Tone audio signaling if thresholds of dose rate set by the user, beta-particle flux density, integral dose and top limit of measuring range are exceeded; 
Memorizing of accumulated dose if batteries are changed (or absent) for a long term (over 5 years); 
Long continuous operation time (over 400 hours) using one set of power supply batteries; 
Indication of current measuring units and blinking symbol of radiation intensity on the display; 
Signaling in case of battery discharge. 
The Instrument allows performing operative search of contaminated items or radioactive radiation sources, and human environment monitoring (radiation safety of working places, residential premises and country; estimation of real objects radioactive contamination, of foodstuff, materials and samples; estimation of radon situation in residential and industrial premises etc.). 
Voice insonification and operative voice analysis of radiation situation estimation results allow increasing convenience of MKS-01SA1B use both by individuals and by officers of various services.

Main technical characteristics:

Radiation detector is a gas-discharge counter.
Voice indication of dose rate measuring results with periodicity once a minute.
Range of dose rate measuring is 0.1 – 999.9 mcSv/hour.
Range of integral dose measuring is 0.001 - 999.9 mSv.
Range of beta-particle flux density measuring this flux being emitted by contaminated surfaces (Strontium-90 or Cesium-137, part./(min. *cm2) is 5 – 30,000.
Range of alpha-particle flux density measuring (Plutonium-239), part./(min. *cm2) is 10 – 30,000.
Range of energies for registered photons, MeV 0.05 - 3.0.
Lower limit of registered beta-radiation energy does not exceed 0.05 MeV.
Lower limit of registered alpha-radiation energy does not exceed 3.0 MeV.
Measuring error is % 25
Set by the user dose rate signaling thresholds with the interval of 0.1 mcSv/ hour are for the whole measuring range.
Set by the user beta-particle flux density signaling thresholds with the interval of 1 part./(min.*cm2).
Set by the user gamma-radiation integral dose signaling thresholds is    mSv (with the interval of 0.001 mSv).
Indication of measuring results and its statistic error is continuous.
Periodicity of display indications change is 1 second.
Casing design: casing is made of plastic.
Power supply: two AA DURACELL MN1500 batteries.
Continuous operation time with one set of batteries is at least 400 hours.
Operation temperature range is from minus 20 to + 50oC.
Dimensions are 112 х 64 х 30 mm.
Weight does not exceed 200 g.


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