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RKB-05P Intellectual Portable Radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)

RKB-05P Intellectual Portable Radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)Enlarge

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RKB-05P Intellectual Portable Radiometer is meant for operative testing of Tritium, Carbon-14 and Phosphorus-32 presence in air and water samples including testing at the sampling spot.

The Instrument operation concept is based on preliminary selective sampling of Tritium from air or water into special cuvettes with film scintillator or into vessels with liquid scintillator with further measuring of their activity.

 The Instrument contains three main units placed in a case:

 - Measuring chamber with the unit maintaining sample changing without the Instrument switching off maintaining high stability;

- Highly sensitive scintillation detecting block consisting of two photoelectronic multipliers connected to the scheme of coincidence-anticoincidence with photoelectronic multipliers’ noise subtraction and amplitude-to-time impulse analysis;

 - Intellectual testing-and-measuring microprocessor device for results automatic processing and indication as well as for error measuring indication on display with external background subtraction, measuring results storage and their transmission to PC though RS-232 interface.

Radiometer Advantages:

 - High sensitivity, small size and weight maintain the possibility to perform operative monitoring during field sampling;

 - Ability of liquid and air samples measuring;

- The Instrument can measure samples of other radionuclides in addition to Tritium samples;

- Compactness and small weight of the portable Instrument;

- The Instrument versatility maintains highly sensitive detection of Tritium in air and water samples;

 - Availability of net and battery power supply;

- It is possible to develop methods and the Instrument itself in order to test other nuclides and samples (for example, aerosol filters in 4π geometry);

- Selection of Tritium from other nuclides in the course of sample taking and preparing (Tritium sorption from the air by film detector; condensation or distillation of water samples etc.);

- Automatic subtraction of external gamma-background during measuring;

 - Combination of highly sensitive coincidence-anticoincidence scheme for Tritium detection and of measuring results processing intellectual scheme using programmable  replaceable microprocessor of Z series;

- Automatic measuring and indication of measuring results and error on liquid crystal display with their refreshing every 16 seconds;

- Memorizing of 32 measuring results with data transmission through RS-232 interface when connecting with PC;

- Possibility offilm scintillator multiple use with its Tritium enrichment due to 30-40 minutes sorption (at minimal activities measuring) and desorption during 60 minutes;

 - Possibility of special computing machinery delivery for processing of measuring results.

 Main technical characteristics of RKB-05P Instrument.

 Measuring range of Tritium activity in the air in gaseous and vaporous shape in the sample in the 130 ml cuvette (specific sample activity) is 5 - 5*104 Bq (25 – 2.5*105 Bq/l).

Measuring range of Tritium activity in water samples in liquid scintillator up to 10 ml (specific activity in a 4 ml water sample) is 2 - 2*104 Bq (5*102-5*105 Bq/ l).

Sampling time is from 3-5 seconds up to 30 minutes.

Total measuring time is from 80 seconds up to 100 minutes.

 Automatic measuring until achievement of predetermined error is from 5 to 20%.

 Indication of activity and measuring error values on display with refreshment of result several 16 seconds.

 Operation preparation time does not exceed 5 minutes.

 Continuous operation time:

 - With EX-SPEC batteries is at least 10 hours;

 - With net power supply it at least 24 hours.

 Instability of indications during 8 hours is not above ±5%.

 Operation temperature range is from 5 to 35°С:

 - With additional error per 10°С not exceeding ±5%.

 Power consumption does not exceed 1.2 (8)W from the battery (from 220 Vand 50 Hz power supply net).


of the Instrument in the case are not above 510 х 420 х 140 mm;

of the case with auxiliary equipment are not above 460х310х150 mm.


of the Instrument is not above 10 kg;

of the case with auxiliary equipment is not above 4 kg.


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