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Radiometer purpose Geological scintillation SRP-88N (Russia)

Radiometer purpose Geological scintillation SRP-88N (Russia)Enlarge

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Instrument exploration scintillation SRP-88N is designed for indirect measurements of the radioactivity of rocks and ores by photon radiation in radiometric surveying and well logging and holes.
Given the appropriate instrument techniques can be used as a radiometer to monitor the external environment.
The conclusion reading by 4-digit LCD display and pointer device.
Also, the company issued a modification device EWS-88H - scintillation radiometer vivo radiation monitoring of farm animals - SRP-88N-M in the selection of pastures, receiving points meat processing and procurement organizations.

Main technical characteristics of the instrument:
The range of flow measurement of photon radiation, s-1 0-3,104
The initial energy detection threshold, 20 keV
Maximum permissible error,% ± 10
Maximum permissible additional error in measuring the temperature at 10 ° C,% ± 1
The nonlinearity of the calibration characteristics, not more,% ± 5
Meals battery
Service life, h 100
Operating temperature, o C from -20 to +50
Weight, kg 2.5


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