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Dosimeters and radiometers

LLC "Axelbant"

Radiological examination

Radiological examinationEnlarge

14.600,00 руб.

excl.Shipping costs

Radiation survey of motorcycles, automobiles, buildings and structures for the presence of radioactive contamination (Moscow region only)

The cost of dosimetric and radiometric monitoring, rubles, including VAT:

Examination of a motorcycle on our site (m Octyabrskoe Pole) - 4500
Examination of a motorcycle with onsite - 5000

Examination of the second and each subsequent bike - 2000

Survey 1-room apartment (total area of 40 m2) - 5500 
Examination of each additional room - 1200 
Survey of land (total area of 6 acres) - 8000 
Examination of each additional one hundred square meters - 1200
The cost of surveys similar to the cost of home inspection apartments. If there is a large country house (area of 100 m2) discounts are available. 
When the detection of radioactive contamination of building materials (bricks, sand, gravel, etc.) and food (cereals, berries, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.) and other items may conduct a radiological examination of samples or materials in the laboratory.The cost of the radiological examination - 4000 rubles. 
The fare to your home (land) outside Moscow - Tariff "New Yellow Taxi» (including a taxi at the time of the survey) - 780 rubles / hour. 
Travel specialist, Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 17 pm, Fridays from 9 to 14 hours. 
All prices include VAT, in rubles. 
We are working on 100% advance payment, from individuals to the receipts of the Savings Bank (send a completed receipt), for legal entities - the account (send out). Conduct a survey issued by the contract. 
All works are drawn issuing protocol and Radiation Control Act. 
Applications will be accepted via e-mail


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