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Recommendations for the use of the instrument MS-04B "Expert"

Recommendations for the use of the instrument MS-04B "Expert"Enlarge


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Recommendations for use of the device MS-04B "Expert" to assess the contamination of water samples, soil, food and agriculture.

Device graduation at its release is executed on cesium-137, which is most often registered nuclide in the polluted territories, products and environments.

1. For contamination measurement of small volume samples,  one should prepare a sample of the product or investigated substance, and place it opposite the surface of the detector.
 - To carry out measurements in accordance with Section 5.3 instructions supplied with the instrument.
 - Difference between the readings (N,-No) is multiplied by 50, while the numerical value will correspond to the specific activity of samples in kilobekkerelyah per kilogram, and for bulk and liquid materials with a density about 1 g/cm3 - in kilobekkerelyah on liter. Increasing the number of series of measurements of one sample to 10-20, we can fix specific activity of the sample from 1-2 kBq / kg.
 2. Evaluation of specific activity in large-volume samples, For example, in medicinal plants and mushrooms, have been collected for the purposes of procurement, may be held with device for gamma radiation, and the search for objects that have most radioactivity, it is advisable to carry out the beta radiation. Evaluation should be done with the products, if possible free of soil particles, therefore, before the evaluation (the collection) should be more thoroughly cleaned mushrooms and herbs as well as other products of the soil particles and other contaminants. In these recommendations the evaluation is conducted on the specific activity of herbs and mushrooms in natural state - before drying. How to work with the device should as given in Sections 5.2 and 5.3 of a manual.
3. Assessment of the specific activity of gamma-radiation.
Assessment of the specific activity of gamma-rays should be performed with products packed compactly in the basket, body, bag, plastic bag, etc. In evaluating the device with the detector, closed the lid-screen, bring close to the container, in which containing product. In the container, that have a considerable length of one or two directions, for example, in a long sack, measurements should be made in two or three places of the container. To avoid contamination of the device before measurement appropriate to cover the estimated product of pure polyethylene slick, or to evaluate with the device, placed in a plastic bag. Keep your device out of water.


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