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Professional Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-01SA1M (Aunis, Russia)

Professional Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-01SA1M (Aunis, Russia)Enlarge

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MKS-01SA1M Dosimeter-radiometer with speech output is a miniature multifunctional radiometer with once-a-second continuous measuring result refinement and indication of current statistical error as well as with voice messages and spoken estimation of measuring results; this device is meant for the following:
gamma- (Roentgen) radiation dose ambient equivalent rate measuring; 
gamma- (Roentgen) radiation dose ambient equivalent measuring; 
beta-particle flux density measuring, flux being emitted by contaminated surfaces; 
alpha-particle flux density estimation; 
ionizing radiation source search and operative estimation of radiation environment.

The device is registered in the State Register of Measuring Means under No. 33063-08.

It complies with Instruction of Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 131-И dated 04th December 2007.

Distinguishing properties:
- Simultaneous display indication of measuring result (gamma-radiation dose rate or beta- and alpha particle flux density) and its current statistical error in confidence interval 0.95; 
- Quick automatic change of the device indications in case radiation intensity fluctuates for more than double root-mean-square divergence of measuring result; 
- Voice interpretation of gamma-radiation dose rate measuring results and operative voice analysis of radiation environment: 
NORMAL – dose rate up to 60 mcR/ hour; 
ATTENTION - from 60 to 120 mcR/ hour; 
DANGER - over 120 mcR/ hour.

- For the Customer’s convenience voice information of measuring is performed in old (non-systematic) units - mcR/ hour and mR/ hour; 

- Wide measuring range; 

- Tonal audio signaling in case dose rate thresholds, integral dose and top measuring range limit set by the Customer are exceeded; 

- Convenient maintenance due to pocket size, availability of easily readable large two-line letter-and-digit liquid crystal display and two pseudo-sensory control buttons; 

- Accumulated dose memorizing at batteries change (absence) for a long term (over 5 years); 

- Long continuous operation term (over 1000 hours) from one batteries set; 

- Indication of current measuring units and a blinking radiation intensity symbol on display; 

- Batteries discharge signaling. 

The Instrument allows performing the following activities:

Operative search of contaminated items or radioactive radiation sources as well as human environment (radiation safety of working places, residential premises and country) monitoring;

Estimation of real objects, foodstuff, materials and samples radioactive contamination;

Estimation of radon situation in residential and working premises etc.) 

The Instrument can be used in operation by personnel of radiation monitoring agencies, healthcare bodies, emergency (civil defense) service, environment protection organs, agricultural products manufacturers, builders, customs and by employees of other organizations working as a rule under normal conditions but settling tasks related to search of local radiation sources or separate items contaminated by radionuclides.

Voice insonification and operative voice analysis of radiation environment measuring results give the opportunity to increase convenience of MKS-01SA1 utilization both for citizens and personnel of various agencies.

It operates at low ambient environment temperature.

Display highlight enables operating in places with insufficient illumination and at night.

Technical characteristics:
Radiation detector – BETA-1 gas-discharge counter.

Dose rate estimation result voice output, periodicity - once a minute.

Dose rate indications range is 0.1 – 500 mcSv/hour.

Integral dose indications range is 0.001 – 999.9 mSv.

Strontium-90 or Cesium-137 related beta-particle flux density indications range, this flux being emitted by contaminated surfaces, is 5 – 30,000 part./(min.•cm2).

Plutonium-239 related alpha-particle flux density indications range is 10 – 30,000 part./ (min.•cm2).

Registered photon energies range is 0.06 – 3.0 MeV.

Low limit of registered beta–radiation energy is not above 0.156 MeV.

Low limit of registered alpha–radiation energy is not above 3.0 MeV.
Reproducibility of indications (at confidence probability of 0.95) is +/- 25%.

Dose rate signaling thresholds set by the Customer have interval of 0.1 mcSv/ hour for the whole measuring range.

Gamma-radiation Integral dose signaling thresholds set by the Customer have interval of 0.001 mcSv/ hour for the whole measuring range.

Indication of measuring results and of statistical error is performed continuously.

Periodicity of indication change is 1 second.

Design: casing is made of plastic.

Power supply: two AA type batteries.

Continuous operation time with one set of batteries is at least 1000 hours.

Operation temperature range is from -20 to +40oС.

Dimensions 110 х 64 х 30 mm

Weight is not above   g.

Delivery scope:
MKS-01SA1M Dosimeter-Radiometer – 1 piece
Two AA type batteries
Operation Manual
Calibration Certificate
Guarantee for two years
Manufacturing country - Russia

Professional Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-01SA1M (Aunis, Russia)Enlarge  Professional Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-01SA1M (Aunis, Russia)Enlarge  Professional Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-01SA1M (Aunis, Russia)Enlarge 


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