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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radiation measurement using professional devices. (B.V. Polenov)

Radiation measurement using professional devices. (B.V. Polenov)Enlarge

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                           Professional devices radiation measurement.

Professional radiation monitoring devices are dosimeters, radiometers, dosimeters-radiometers and spectrometers, which passed the state tests, registered in the State Register of Measuring and approved for use in the Russian Federation.
Dosimeters or dosimetric devices provide measurement of radiation dose or dose power, density measurement flux of gamma-rays or particles and warn about exceeding the specified levels of doses, radiation fields and contamination levels.
Radiometers measure the activity of the radiation source, provide radiation monitoring of the environment and food samples, crop and livestock production, as well as determine the degree of environmental pollution by radioactive emitters such as strontium, tritium, carbon, iodine, etc.
Dosimeters-radiometers are a combination of these two devices. They provide a search of pollution by the gamma, beta or alpha-emitters, are used to define the terrain Radioecological, in working and living spaces, assessment of radioactive substances in various materials, determining the level of contamination of goods, banknotes, etc. They are also used for security and implementation of measures to prevent, detect and respond to possible acts of radiological terrorism.

Spectrometers are instruments that provide measurement of the energy of photons or particles.
Typically measuring means are used by irradiated person assigned to the staff of the group A, passed irradiation and tested for knowledge of radiation safety standards (NRB-99/2009) and the Basic Sanitary Rules for Radiation Safety (OSPORB-99/2010).
Dosimetric and radiometric instruments for personnel have been widely used in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident.
The most widespread in our country and abroad have received small-sized hand-held dosimeters, radiometers for operational measurements. They are based on the use of gas-discharge counters, and the stationary, portable and hand-held radiometers sensitivity based on the scintillation method of recording radiation.
In the instruments to improve the quality of measurement information, used background subtraction, methods of measurement, allowing to obtain information from a given accuracy, modes with pre-treatment information and modes with a short output. Examples of such devices are developed by specialists of our company, "Avers-SNIIP" dosimeter-radiometer IRD-02, portable alarm intelligent dosimeters, radiometers of new generation ISS-08P (four versions) based on the use of these devices Methods of detection and control of banknotes with contamination in the banking structures.
Devices IRD-02 and ISS-08P passed state tests, entered into the State register of measuring devices and meet state standards and regulations, including NRB-99/2009.  Dosimeter-radiometer IRD-02 is used to search for radioactive sources, to assess thе Radioecology situation on the areas, in working and living spaces, assessing the content of radionuclides in different materials, objects, in samples of soil, water, food, crop and livestock products.
In addition, the dosimeter-radiometer IRD-02 is widely used in the institutions of central and commercial banks in Russia and some foreign banks to for rapid detection and control of contaminated banknotes and their different packages (in packs, packing bags) as well as and to identify banknotes contaminated with radioactive substances, in storages and vehicles carrying cash.

The device measures the dose rate of photon radiation, the flux density of beta particles and indicates the flux density of alpha particles. In fact, it's three devices in one box. Detector - CRT front counter SBT-10A.
Output of information in the device is by dint of a 4-digit LCD display.
Methods of detection and control of banknotes from contamination created by company experts jointly with the employees and the CBR and has been agreed with the Chief Sanitary Doctor, Inc. "VNIIFTRI" Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Atomic Energy, the Scientific Committee on Radiation Protection of the Russian Federation, MosNPO "Radon."
The device is registered in the State register of measuring has a certificate of type approval of measuring and the Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion.
 In the device ISS-08P into account the experience of many years operation of the device IRD-02, including measuring modes introduced ambient dose, specific (bulk) activity of samples, etc. Commissioned by the Consumer can be supplied four modifications. The fourth modification is actually five (5) devices in one.
 Operation is controlled by a microprocessor, ensures a constant uncertainty over the entire range of measurement. Detector - CRT front counter SBT-10A.
Display digital-analog information in the device is by using a matrix liquid crystal display having a backlight.
The device is registered in the State Register of Measuring № 29614-05, has a certificate from the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology RU.C.38.002A number 21 215 from 27.07.2010.



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