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Radioactive contaminated money control

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Arrangements for the identification of banknotes of radioactive contamination (DZRZ) in accordance with the instruction № 131-I of the Central Bank of Russian Federation with dosimeter-radiometer (Expert, Expert M, IRD-02, ISS-08P, etc.).

According to the Instruction № 131-I (John) and manual (OM) instrument procedure is the following:

1. Before you start to measure and record in the workbook the average natural background radiation in the mode «g» and «b»

mode «g» - with an indoor screen detector - Nfg

in the mode of «b» - with the screen open detector - Nfb + g

The approximate average value of the readings in terms of natural background:

Nfg = 0,13 mSv / h (can be from 0.10 to 0.20 mSv / h)

Nfb + g = 8,5 frequently. / (Cm2 × min) (may be from 7.0 to 10.0 chast./sm2 × min).

Background mode «b» in the absence of beta radiation is practically identical with the open and closed-detector, asdetermined by the external natural gamma radiation.

2. Identification DZRZ in packs and individual cuts should start in the mode of «b» to open the screen the detector when the device registers a total of beta and gamma radiation.

Identification DZRZ conduct, placing the device at a distance of 3-5 mm from the surface of the package or a single note.

In the case of increasing evidence to fix the total value of the testimony:

in the mode of «b» - with an open detector chast./sm2 × min, and then in «g» a closed detector - Nsg, Sv / h.

Determine for each mode of the excess over the background reading DN as follows:

dNg = Nsg - Nfg

dNb = Nsb + g - dNg × K - Nfb + g,

where K = 200 - conversion factor (convert) (chast. / cm x min / (mSv / h)

In the case of dNg = 0, the value dNb be determined by the formula:

dNb = Nsb + g - Nfb + g

3. In accordance with paragraph 2 Ying package or a separate bill is considered contaminated if in excess of geometry called readings above the background dN value is: in mode «b» dNb - 10 pieces. / (Cm2 × min) or more, and in the mode " g »Closed-screen detector - dNg - 0,1 mSv / h and more.


Along with the values ​​of background readings appropriate to measure and record in the workbook (or PC) value indications from the control input with «g» and «b». Values ​​are also given in the last verification certificate.

Periodically check the numbers. Their persistence testifies to the absence of contaminated sites in the working area and the stability of the instrument.

Evidence of checking and controlling sources of models equipped with IRD-02 and ISS-08P.


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