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D-Raddez - spray foam decontaminant for skin (Raddez, Russia)

D-Raddez - spray foam decontaminant for skin (Raddez, Russia)Enlarge

21.980,00 руб.

excl.Shipping costs

Price for twelve 0.65 ml bottles is given.

It is meant for effective decontamination of a human being’s cut a neous covering and various equipment surfaces, premises, metal structures etc. They are characterized by easy utilization and they can be applied in emergency situations immediately at the working place.

 They represent aromatized solution of surface active substances (SAS) in isopropanol-and-water blend with complex formers, organic acids and propane-and-butane mixture. 

They are used in the ambient temperature interval between +10°Сand + 40°С. 

These substances are produced in aerosol metal and aluminum bottles. 

Nominal bottle capacity is 650 cm3(weight650g) and 500 cm3(weight500 g). 

 Bottle sare packed in to goffered cardboard boxes, 12 pieces in each box. 
 They can be transported by all kinds of transport with protection against outer actuating factors in temperature interval from minus 30°Сto + 50°С. 

 They shall be stored in packed state in roofed heated storage premises at ambient air temperature from plus 10°С to plus 40°С avoiding contact with direct sun rays and humidity. 

Guarantee storage term is 18 months from the date of manufacture. 
 Application of RADDEZ foam autonomous aerosolde contaminating substances gives a number of advantages if compared with other known methods: 
- No liquid radioactive waste (LRW) is generated in the course of their use;
- Incombustibility of compositions;
- Absence of toxic components in those compositions;
- Absence of LRW maintains decontamination safety;
- Decontamination efficiency immediately at the moment of contamination of surfaces by radioactive isotopes;
- Application of this methods does not need any special supply of power, air etc.; it is especially important for liquidation of emergency radiation accidents.

The above properties of the composition as well as the composition packing in an aerosol bottle makes it indispensable in case of emergency decontamination works necessity.

D-Raddez - spray foam decontaminant for skin (Raddez, Russia)Enlarge  D-Raddez - spray foam decontaminant for skin (Raddez, Russia)Enlarge 


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