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Decontamination composition number 3 (Raddez, Russia)

Decontamination composition number 3 (Raddez, Russia)Enlarge

36.000,00 руб.

excl.Shipping costs

Packing: double plastic bags of 5 kg, in corrugated boxes of 3 packages (15 kg). The price of the lowest round of 3 boxes (45 kg). 
Intended for liquid decontamination stained enamel surfaces of chemically resistant buildings (concrete, plaster, wood, carbon and stainless steel, plastic, titanium alloys, self-leveling floors) and located in their equipment, devices, products, furniture, etc. of beta-active contaminants in the form of aerosol dispersion with a solid disperse phase (dusty pollution). 

Is a powdery mixture of surfactants, complexing agents and organic acids. 

Coefficient of decontamination (for GOST 27708-88) - 250 

The product has passed the certification tests at the RRC "Kurchatov Institute" 


Intended for liquid decontamination of surfaces of different areas and is in their equipment, devices, products, furniture, etc. of alpha - and beta-active contamination in the form of solutions, and dispersion of liquid aerosols (fog) and solid (dusty pollution) dispersed phases. 

Is a powder mixture of surfactant and complexing set of supplements. 

Used in the temperature range from ambient +5 ° C to 30 ° C. 

Usage: concentrate formulation is dissolved in water in a ratio that depends on the brand used and the value of the concentrate source of contamination. Decontamination liquid concentrate formulations of aqueous solutions carried out in accordance with the domestic technological regulations and instructions adopted by the company (eg, air, airless, vannovy, manual and other methods of applying). 

Concentrates are available in plastic bags from 100 grams to 10 kg. 

Transported by all modes of transport with protection from external influencing factors in the temperature range from -40 ° C to 40 ° C.When loading and unloading to avoid damage to the package. 

Are stored as packed in closed ventilated warehouses at an ambient temperature of -40 0C to +40 0C, avoiding contact with direct sunlight and moisture. 

Shelf life - 24 months from the date of manufacture. 


Decontamination composition number 3 (Raddez, Russia)Enlarge  Decontamination composition number 3 (Raddez, Russia)Enlarge 


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