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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)

Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge

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The device comes in two versions - 1203 and 1203M. The difference - the model "M" is an infrared port for communication with PC and CE certificate. 

POLIMASTER DKG-RM 1203 Microprocessor Dosimeter-Clock (hereinafter referred to as the Instrument) is meant for the following:
- Continuous measuring of ambient equivalent dose rate *(10) (hereinafter referred to as MED);
- Measuring of gamma-radiation ambient equivalent dose Н*(10) (hereinafter referred to as ED);
- Measuring of ED accumulation time;
- Indication of current time in hours, minutes and seconds; indication of the date, month and year on digital liquid crystal indicator (display).

Dosimeter to measure the seafood comes with a plastic bag with a lock.

The Instrument was included into the State Register of Measuring Means of the Russian Federation under No. 14960-02.

DKG-RM 1203 Dosimeter can be used by wide range of specialists (personnel of nuclear plants, radiological and isotope laboratories; officers of emergency service, civil defense, fire departments, police; officers of the customs and border services) as well as by wide range of customers for MED and ED gamma-radiation measuring.

Technical Characteristics:

1. MED measuring range is from 0.1 to 2000 mcSv/ hour.
2. Range of MED threshold setting is from 0.1 to 1999.99 mcSv/hour with the interval of 0.01 mcSv/ hour.
3. Limits of permissible main relative MED measuring error are ±(15+А1/ +А2· )%
where А1 is coefficient equal to 1.5 mcSv/ hour; А2 is coefficient equal to 0.0025 (mcSv/ hour)-1, – measured MED
in mcSv/ hour.
4. ED measuring range is from 0.01 to 9999 mSv.
5. Range of ED threshold setting is from 0.01 to 9999.999 mSv with the interval of 0.001 mSv.
6. Limits of permissible main relative ED measuring error is ED ± 20 %.
7. Variation coefficient is ± 10 %.

8. ED accumulation time measuring range is from 1 to 9999 hours with the interval of 1 hour.
9. Limits of additional relative error are:
At temperature variation from normal to high or low ± 15 %
At extreme values of power supply voltage ± 10 %
At change of humidity from normal to high ± 10%
10. Energies range is from 0.06 to 1.5 MeV.
11. Energetic dependence of sensitivity as regards energy equal to 0.662 MeV (137Сs)
within the limits of energies is from 0.06 to 0.662 MeV ± 25 % from 0.662 to 1.5 MeV ± 15 %.
12. MED measuring time is not exceeding 36 seconds.
13. Response time in case of sudden MED value growth for more than 10 times is not exceeding 10 seconds.
14. Instability of indications for continuous operation time of 24 hours is not over ± 5%.
15. Operation in SEARCH mode.
16. Possibility of MED measuring start. 
17. Average daily work of digital clock in normal operation conditions using digital correction of the clock accuracy is ± 1 second/ day.
18. Dosimeter power supply voltage is 3.1 (+0.1 –0.4) В (2 batteries of V357 type).
19. Monitoring of Dosimeter power supply batteries is performed as follows:

Indication of batteries partial and critical charge.
20. The Instrument continuous operation time with one set of batteries in conditions of natural radiation background provided audio signal works for 2 minutes per day at the most is at least one year. 
21. Permissible operational conditions:
- Range of operation temperatures is from – 15 to + 60°C;
- Relative humidity of air at temperature of 35°С;
- Pressure of 84-106,7 kPa.
22. Dimensions do not exceed:
- For РМ 1203: 125 х 42 х 24 mm;
- For РМ 1203 with a protective screen: 125 х 47 х 25 mm;
- For РМ 1203 in packing: 180 х 135 х 71 mm.
23. Weight does not exceed:
- For РМ 1203 – 0.09 kg;
- For РМ 1203 with a protective screen: 0.17 kg;
- For РМ 1203 in packing: 0.34 kg;
- For РМ 1203 with a protective screen in packing: 0.42 kg.
24. Reliability indices:
-  Average trouble-free operation time is at least 10,000 hours;
-  Average Instrument service life is at least 6 years;
- Average recovery time does not exceed 60 minutes.

The Instrument operation modes:

The main operation modes:
- MED current measured value indication mode;
- Measured ED indication mode;
- Current time indication mode (indicating hours and minutes).


Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge  Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge  Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge  Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge  Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge  Dosimeter-clock DKG-RM1203 "Polimaster" (Polimaster, Belarus)Enlarge 


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