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Dosimeters and radiometers

LLC "Axelbant"

Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-03SA (Aunis, Russia)

Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-03SA (Aunis, Russia)Enlarge

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MKS-03SA - compact personal dosimeter-radiometer measurements, low-level natural radiation background and with speech sound system of measurements designed to:
measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma - (x-) radiation;
measurement of ambient equivalent dose rate of gamma - (x-ray) radiation;
flux density measurement of beta particles from contaminated surfaces;
estimate the flux density of alpha particles;
indicating the flow of ionizing particles in the "Search";
express finding of sources of ionizing radiation, contamination control of banknotes and packaging and rapid assessment of the radiation environment.

Distinctive features of the radiometer

- Rapid change of testimony at a statistically significant change in the intensity of radiation;
- Built-in CRT front counter gamma-, beta-and alpha-radiation entrance window with an area detector, 39 cm 2 with a removable filter compensates for the sensitivity to gamma radiation 45 000 counts / mSv, detection efficiency for beta radiation 90Sr +90 Y - at least 65 % of alpha-radiation 239Pu - not less than 20%;
- Voice dubbing the results of measurements of dose rate of gamma radiation and their voice assessment ("NORMAL", "WARNING", "DANGER") in Russian or in English;
- Sound (clicks) and visual alarm intensity;
- Large graphical backlit LCD display;
- Simultaneous display on the display the measurement result in digital and analog form, units, current statistical measurement error, alarm threshold of the measured value (which determines the maximum value of the analog scale), ordinal number of the current entries in the log measurement, time, date and day of week;
- Tone audible alarm when exceeding a user-defined threshold dose rate, the flux density of beta-and alpha-particle flux of ionizing particles;
- Periodic or manual logging measurements with non-volatile memory up to 2000 measurements of dose rate, dose rate or flux of ionizing particles with their current statistical error, the date and time of their performance;
- The possibility of exchanging data with a PC (via USB)
On the characteristics of MKS-03SA fully meets the requirements of CBR instruction № 131-I dated 04.12.2007.

He was awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma of International Trade «MetrolExpo 2010"
The radiometer is registered in Gos.reestre measuring under № 44593-10. The certificate of type approval of measuring RU.C.38.050.A № 40 220.

Main technical characteristics of the radiometer



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