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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971, Part 3.

Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971, Part 3.Enlarge


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All that, by acting on the body, causing it iemensniya. called the stimulus. Ionizing radiation, when the energy is absorbed by cross aetsya in the body, always call Mr. changes its state. It should therefore be attributed to a group of physical stimuli. As a stimulus, it has a number of spetsifichsskih features which, in turn, determine the specificity of ~ 11 radiation reactions of the organism.

If ionizing radiation is an irritant, then the process of absorption of its energy into organiame should be called stimulus. In response to radiation irritation ~ s in the irradiated organism develops radiation reaction.

Thus, the biological effects of ionizing radiation can be divided into two main stages: stimulation of radiation and phase response orgapnzma "and the resulting irritation. These two phases essentially differ in the order zakonomerpostyam who run their course.

Process potloscheniya energy ionizing radiation occurs at eakonam physics! A chemistry, so the first step should be called physical and chemical. It occurs rapidly, within fractions of a second. The biological significance lies in its vozpikiovenii stimulation of the body. Depending on the magnitude of radiation exposure may be different in severity of changes in the body. For any exposure to radiation is unavoidable changes of chemical bonds, and therefore the effect of radiation is estimated as doorsteps.

The second phase - the process of responding to radiation irritation - is subject to biological laws and develops dlitelpo, for, as a rule, many days, months and even years. By the nature of the processes and zakonomernastyam, their manager, the second stage is bislogicheskim. In the biological effects of ionizing radiation, naturally, he is principal. Therefore, a more correct to speak not about the biological effects of ionizing radiation, and the response of the organism to its action. The more so because the "action" of ionizing radiation on living and dead objects are essentially the same. The only difference is in the form of an answer: a living organism characterized by a biological form of response.

The term "ionizing radiation" is understood shortwave electromagnetic radiation and corpuscular sweat a1 <11, having a common property of causing ionization of the medium in which absorbed their energy.

Thus, ionizing radiation - a concept that brings together diverse enough physical agents to cause ionization in the environment, including living organisms.


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