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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 5.

Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 5.Enlarge


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penetration, as shown in Table 1, NZ, is associated with different densities of ionization atsii, which determines the degree enachitelnoy linear transmission EIJ rgii. From the latter also depends on the biological effect, so at the same value of the absorbed energy, ie, at the same dose, the biological effect of irradiation of different types of ionizing radiation will be different. To compare their biological effectiveness factor introduced by the quality of its (QC), which shows how many times increases the biological effect of irradiation of different types of radiation as compared with gamma-rays (Table 2).
Table 2 Coefficients of quality assurance (QA) of various types
Ionizing palucheny chronic whole body irradiation
Types of radiation
Gamma, X-ray and beta radiation neutrons (depending on energy) Alpha radiation 'and protons
Heavy nuclei
1 3-10 10 20
. To understand the characteristics of ionizing radiau:, uu as a biological stimulus is useful to compare it with the corresponding characteristics svoistva other stimuli. Such a comparison would not only assess the specificity of ionizing radiation, but also to draw attention to its lack of properties that did not have to other stimuli.
Common property of all types of ionizing radiation, as already mentioned, is the ability to cause ionization in the irradiated medium. At the same time the ionization power 'has many biological stimuli: a variety of chemical agents, electrical current, and others. No less important, and the biological significance of most ionization. Ionieirovannoe state of many atoms and molecules of the body is one The ability to penetrate the surface layers of organisms m and has not only ionizing radiation. These stimuli, like electric current, thermal, magnetic energy, and many other agents also can cause irritation of the tissues and organs, 'located' in the depths of the body. But


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