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Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 7.

Radioactivity and life. Y.K. Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 7.Enlarge


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diatsii (Timofeev-Ressovsky, etc.). According tstvuyuschie calculations and observations confirmed the likelihood of such an assumption. However, modern immunology known bacterial toxins that cause pronounced biological effects, when one cell of the body, there is one molecule of toxin. This effect can be explained by the action of the toxin on enzymatic processes in the cell (LA Zilber, 1! '> 48).
We should note another feature of ionizing radiation as a biological stimulus. The organism does not possess specific receptors for the perception of radiation stimuli, such as the organ of sight for visible light, the organ of hearing - for the sound. However, for many chemicals: Hunt, electricity and other stimuli as there is no specific receptor structures.
It is worth noting established in animal experiments the possibility of formation of conditioned reflexes to the action of ionizing radiation, which proves that the body's ability to enter into a higher form of communication with the physiological stimulus beam and at the same time confirms the biological nature of the reaction to the action of ionizing radiation. u
Usually noted as an exceptional feature of the small weight of the biologically effective dose absorbed by the body of radioisotopes, realizing a dose here, as it is in f arm and kologni. weight of the isotope. It turns out that the fatal dose of diphtheria toxin Naja for guinea pigs on their weight as low as the corresponding dose of some p adioaktivngh isotopes (Table 3).
The value of the lethal dose for guinea pigs
t a b l and i and 3.
Acting factor
I .1
Dose, in micrograms
Highly diphtheria toxin Radioisotopes
Tritium (NC)
Strontium-I ')
For the biological effects of ionizing radiation is characterized by a very wide dose range. The lowest dose, the effect of which is registered in a person is 1 mR (milliroentgen = O, OOl p). , K. and Gurtovoi Burdyanskaya EO (1959) found that the action of this dose to the eye there is a feeling of light and there are changes in the pulsation elektroretnnogramme. This phenomenon is called rengten-phosphene. Approximately the same dose a person receives per day from sources of natural radioactivity. But the most high dose causing death in mammals "under beam" that is, at the time of irradiation ~ Ia is equal to approximately 20,000 p.


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