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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 13.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 13.Enlarge


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kami ionizing radiation shall be permitted only in the 'tall healthy people.
Results of experimental studies can recognize a slightly higher radnoustoychivosg women compared with men. However, exposure during pregnancy can harm the developing fetus. Therefore, pregnant women are not allowed to work in the field of ionizing istochiikov radnatsii. not allowed to put their X-ray studies, if the latter does not need to call the dire state.
Change of reactivity, as expected, appears to change its radiosensitivity. The most simple examples can <Guth provided by the results of simultaneous action of radiation ineluchevyh factor "Tor. Such combined effects may occur in the explosions' nuclear bombs, accidents and injuries, etc., shock, blood loss, reduced radioresistance. At the same time, trained with a high body Sustainable Stu turns to adversity and more radnoustoychnvym.
Interesting observation in this regard, indicating the possibility, NOSTA improve radiation stability under the influence of prior irradiation, the cue. Of course, irradiation, as well as any impact that changes the reactivity of the 'organiem and, in particular its radioresistance. It is therefore not surprising that the organism under the influence of irradiation may be more or less stable BYM to subsequent irradiation.
In the development of radiation reaction, as shown by many radiobiological studies involving all of orta new as well as all organs and tissues. The most radiosensitive systems are providing general regulatory functions: the nervous and endocrine, as well as systems that are important in the implementation of the common reactions: blood system, vascular system. High radiosensitivity of different and immunological reactivity. At the same time, systems such as bone and muscle are less radiosensitive mi.
Despite the careful long-term studies, no one has yet identified any particular reaction systems and organs <body, arising in response to radiation exposure, which would not have occurred under the action of other agents. Consequently, under the influence of ionizing radiation, diverse non-specific reactions. However, special, inherent only to ionizing radiation unique combination of these reactions, interactions and different speed-ray specificity raevitiya create an integrated response of the whole organism. This reflects the transition fnlogenetncheski developed for non-specific action of the radiation factor in the complex reactions of specific radiation reactions.
At various sizes ray exposure, as 01'mechalos, the body responds qualitatively different forms of response. In this connection it became necessary to explore the boundaries and characteristics of each form of radiation reactions. The question of the so-called threshold of biological effects


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