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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 16.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 16.Enlarge


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Initially, it was noted that the most common form luchevogo impact of modern man is the exposure to low doses. It is therefore of particular interest familiarity with the response thresholds 14a ray exposure at low doses.
, One of the vital signs, adaptation of organisms to the conditions of existence is pro.dolzhitelnost life. It was found that prolonged exposure to low doaah not only reduces the life expectancy of experimental animals, and even contributes to some of its increase. In the experiments of Lorenz and his colleagues '(1949),' it was found that the daily doses of less than 1 p in the day, the lifespan of mice increases slightly. At higher doses, on the contrary - is reduced. There is no doubt, change the threshold of such an important yet-
fractive as life expectancy.
No less important is to show agelem fertility, that is, the ability to reproduce. The fertility of animals in 'depending on the magnitude of radiation exposure may not only decrease but even increase. Cole, along with his colleagues (1960) found that irradiation of 5 p hedgehog-week for 25 weeks, there was no reduction of fertility in female mice. Large doses of the same cause its decrease.
In our experiments (1961) with prolonged exposure pekoleny several mice initially increased fertility, and later, when a greater total dose stanovipas less than that of unexposed animals.
Knowledge of the threshold response is of great importance prakti'cheskoe. Thus, the determined threshold doses for blastoiogennogo that is causing the development of tumors of the radical atsii. Tumors of the bones, liver, lung, skin, organs zhelulochio'kishechnogo tract occur at doses in the hundreds and thousands of x-rays, tumors of the endocrine glands and milk - at doses of either X-ray-COT, ovarian cancer, and leukemia - at doses! I. Dozens and hundreds of X-rays. Of course, these thresholds are not abso.lyutnymi, but they allow you to navigate the largest security-
Pasni-dose. '
Kind of threshold responses to long-Ray [the impact of a maximum permissible level of ionizing substantive and radiation. Indeed, it is the boundary harmless to human health levels of radiation. Prevychpenie maximum permissible level of ionizing radiation 'can cause damage to health caused ne.dostatochnosti protective and adaptive capacity op: body naturally to such radiation.
Regular surveys of radiologists and dispensary renttenologov undergoing long-term occupational exposure, at doses not exceeding the maximum allowable YPQ-


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