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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 21.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 21.


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every square centimeter of the surface drops a cosmic particle every second. This forms a pair of 1.5 2. ions in 1 ml of air. It is interesting to note that at sea level for 1 min. a man gets an average of about 1500-7500 cosmic particles.
Neutrons of secondary cosmic radiation penetrating into the nuclei of atoms, in? Izyvayut nuclear reactions that result. the formation of new isotopes, including radioactive isotopes of certain elements. Thus, all 80 tons of the radioactive isotope of carbon, always available on Earth. expense of the introduction of neutrons produced cosmic rays in the nuclei of atoms of nitrogen in the air. .
. The biological significance of cosmic radiation depends on the properties of ionizing the air molecules and other media, as well as cause ionization in the body of living organisms. It is essential to the ability of cosmic radiation, in particular the flow of neutrons in the irradiated medium cause S1avedennuyu radioactivity. At least you can think obopredelennoy the biological role of a radioactive isotope of carbon, which arises under the influence of cosmic neutrons and penetrating as any of the isotopes of carbon in all living organisms. It is unclear at present the biological significance of 'induced radioactivity in the organism under the influence of irradiation of recent cosmic rays.
From cosmic radiation the body receives about a third of the dose produced by natural background ionizing radiation. The magnitude of the dose depends on the altitude and geographic latitude. Fluctuations in the level of cosmic radiation due to these factors is relatively small.
Primary cosmic radiation is filtered atmosphere, whose thickness is equivalent to a 12.5 m steel. Therefore, living organisms are influenced almost exclusively by secondary cosmic radiation. If around the earth was not as powerful air filter, then, presumably, the existing forms of life on our planet would not have evolved, so 'as the fluxes of cosmic radiation outside the Earth is so powerful, that life in the form in which it exists on Earth would be 'nevoemozhna.
As a result of solar flares on the sun intensity of cosmic radiation in the near-Earth space is increased by hundreds of thousands or millions of times, while under, weather shield at ground level to increase no more than 3-5 times. In this effect, but the filtering role of the atmosphere, has a definite value of Earth's magnetic field to 'nekogoroy degree deflecting flow of cosmic particles.
The influence of solar flares on the sun on human health, although it is still not clear enough, ka-


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