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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 22.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 22.Enlarge


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of the factors associated with chromospheric flares, causes a disturbance in health.
The sources of natural radiation of the Earth are. Radioactive substances in soil, rocks, water. And air.
We have already said that life on Earth originated in conditions far more radioactivity than the modern one. So, if currently on Earth at raslade radioactive allocated for each hour of energy. • 1016 about 47 calories, 2 billion years ago, stood out in 2 times and 4 billion years ago - 4 times more.
The prevalence of radioactive substances on Earth studied at the present time enough. Radioactive elemen'TY found practically everywhere, and at the same time nowhere. Substantial focal accumulations of them. In spite of the pain: SHUI <? absent-mindedness and a small percentage of the radioactive elements, even in the most radioactive ores, radium on earth more than iridium, platinum, gold and other elements. As an illustration we give you an example. In the first meter of soil in an area of ​​1 km2 located about 1 gram of 'radium, and 3 tons of uranium. The soil is richer in radium and thorium compared to polstilayuschey breed, and are somewhat more enriched in the upper soil horizons.
The radioactivity of the atmosphere due to radon and thoron, evolved during the decay of radium and thorium, and radioactive isotopes that occur in the atmosphere under the influence of cosmic rays. On average, a 1 mil itre air is one atom of radon. It is interesting to note here that, if concentrated in one 'place 500 grams of radon is released due to his energy to the temperature rose to a level that all substances evaporated bi.
The radioactivity of the hydrosphere is created mainly by leaching of radioactive substances from soil. Nekogoraya of radon air dissolved in water reservoirs.
On external sources of ionizing radiation in the biosphere, the person receives about half of the dose produced by natural radiation. Main enachenie is gamma radiation of natural radioactive substances - potassium-40, thorium-232 and others.
Depending on the concentration of radioactive substances in the "Objects of the environment may change the dose of 2-3. Times. The so-called areas of high natural radioactivity of gamma-ray background can be much higher. For example, 'in Kerala in India by the sea there are areas covered monotsitovymi sands with a high content of natural radioactive substances. gonad dose in such places ko.lebletsya from 130 to 2800 mrad. " Even a large dose of gamma-ray background
* Mrad - billion = tysyachn'aya of rad. Glad - a unit of absorbed energy equivalent to 100 ergs poglosheniyu in 1 gram of the substance.


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