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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 24.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 24.Enlarge


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and H-incorporated radioactive isotopes' znachi'telno create a lower dose than the K-S, All radioactive isotopes inkoryayurirovannye yield about 260 000 dpm.
Thus, the dose received by the gonads of man from all natural sources of ionizing radiation, pripimaetsya currently about 90 -] 00 mrad per year. Half of it, about 45-50 mrad, created by external gamma-ray background. • about 30 mrad due to the action of cosmic radiation. And, of
Finally, the order of 20 mrad create ipkorporirovapnye naturally occurring radioactive materials.
The above description of doses, as was evident from the above information allows us to estimate only some averaged conditions. In fact, the dose from natural 'sources of radiation have a much broader grani.tsy of which we have already spoken. For example, people in their daily life experience of at least two-three-fold change in the level of natural radiation. He may live in uelo.viyah when this level is much higher than average. Otherwise
speaking people, as well as other organisms that can adapt to a rather pronounced changes in the natural-background.
It is useful to note that not all environmental factors
'Human habitat changes to such limits. The force of gravity, oxygen concentration and other factors vary in a relatively narrow range. And despite this, people are well adapted to them and have a certain margin of adaptability-sobitelnyh, opportunities.
For example, astronauts experience proves that a person can no significant violations of health nekoto'roe time to live with sharp and deep changes in gravity.
In this case, as the results of long cosmic flight, there is a limit to adaptation 'of the organism, when prolonged weightlessness, causing disturbances primarily in bone and muscle siste'mah and greatly complicates the re-adaptation to terrestrial conditions' force of gravity.
Despite the limited understanding of the biological role of 'natural background radiation, the accumulated data can already make some provision.
Vernadsky, noting the importance of radioactivity for the organisms. wrote, "life in the biosphere comes from two main sources of energy - from solar radiation and nuclear radioactive
Gnvnoy-energy. "
The present level of our knowledge, the assumption gives reason-
. We shall assume that the natural radiation was significant in the origin of life on Earth, especially if we bear in mind that the nucleation-tion of life occurred in significantly more radioactivity than the present. Academician NS Akulov shown in


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