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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 25.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 25.Enlarge


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His works, that during the cooling of the Earth radiant energy flows have played a significant role in modifying the terms of the flow of chemical reactions on Earth, which gradually became more complex, led to the formation of the protein. The radiant energy changed to strike a balance, accelerates synthesis. to: tacos' uv the same conclusion comes academician AI Oparin, who did much in the study of the origin of life on Earth
Some results from radiation chemistry to confirm the importance of ionizing radiation and chemicals in the process that we are particularly interested in, and biochemical reactions.
For example, it was found that carbon dioxide in aqueous solution under the action of alpha-particles becomes HeK ~ Topye organic acids, and mainly to formic acid. Several investigators have shown that under the action of ionizing radiation polymerization of simple carbon compounds into more complex and can form cyclic hydrocarbons.
The role of natural radioactivity in the life of the plants studied to a greater extent than in the animals' lives. Thus, AA Drobkov: grow plants in nutrient media, of which artificially been removed radium, thorium and uranium. The experimental plants dramatically lagged in growth, the flowers they have not evolved, nodules on the roots of leguminous plants do not mod azovyvalis and molecular nitrogen is not assimilated by them. Consequently. a significant decrease in radioactivity of habitats negatively Cl} azyvaetsya on growth, flowering and assimilyatsioppyh processes in plants.
Higher levels of natural radiation causes as <mentioned by many researchers, and a more pronounced 'plant growth. In the experiments of Yu and AA Stoklasa Drobkova shown to be dependent on the level of plant growth radioactivity. It was found that a slight increase in the concentration of natural radioactive substances accelerates the development of plants. However, even greater concentration causes inhibition of growth. Thus, changes in the level of radioactivity is the law-governed biological response, which is characterized by small excesses of mid-level phenomena of stimulation and a further increase in radiation exposure - the processes of oppression.
It is useful to note that such a dependence on the magnitude of the impact of typical effects of trace elements. Radioactivity. pye matter estes, Gwen origin are known to belong to the ultra trace elements, therefore the coincidence of the major biological effects seen eavisimostey general pattern of response to changes in the impact of weak stimuli medium of existence.
Our knowledge of the importance of the natural radioactivity of the length


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