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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 23.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 23.Enlarge


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fauna is very scarce. Delivered only a few milestones in the investigation of this e difficult question.
First of all you should pay attention anise pas ziachsnie ioniapruyuschey ability of radiation. Tion and ionization of air occurs mainly due to izluchsniyu radioactive substances and cosmic radiation.
Experiments have shown that animals pb ayut absorption in the atmosphere, devoid of ions. When a person develops deioniaatsii morbid symptoms: headache, sweating, elevated blood pressure. The research results suggest. that the ionization of air due to natural radiation is of great biological importance and is one of the conditions of life.
Ions of the liquid in the body of humans and animals. play an important role in metabolism, respiration, nervous system and other vital functions. One NZ: ionization sources in the body fluids of animals is PrNrodnaya radiation.
American scholars Daniel and Mr. Park drew attention to the acceleration of breeding pairs ametsy cultured in watch glasses from Bohemia, where the level of radiation increased esgestveppoy. The same effect is the acceleration of reproduction the paramecia authors have received when introduced into the culture medium of a radioactive isotope of sulfur, or with external irradiation of cultures with x-rays.
Tsvaademaker in their experiments showed that the frog heart ostapavlivastsya if his solution of washing to remove potassium. The heartbeat is restored with the introduction of potassium in the fluid flowing through the heart. Actually the fact that to maintain the cardiac potassium is needed, was from vesgo since the middle of last century. RIJJgeru. Tsvaademakeru has been refined, 'What for cardiopulmonary resuscitation,. STI is not generally needed potassium, and its radioactive isotope whose radiation can zamepit another source. Radiation Experiments Tsvaademakera instead of potassium VVODILIS;, solutions meaotoriya or polonium, which are alpha-emitters. Somewhat later, AN Bykhovskaya, repeating experiments Tsvaademakera, introduced in place of potassium radon, as well as applied. Vneshpee irradiation with gamma rays. This is how it finally proved the value of "radiatsiopnogo factor for heart leyatelnosti in similar circumstances.
Finally, it is useful to pay attention to improving radiation stability pekotoroe bacteria and protozoa that live in the p ayo.nah with increased natural radiation background. These studies, conducted by scientists of the Leningrad (SN Aleksandrov, AP Kiselev, etc.), evidence of active prisposobptelnyh changes in the organisms that live rec elevated levels of natural background radiation.


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