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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 27.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 27.Enlarge


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Studying all small stuff on Biological sn acheiii estestvenpoy radiation, we can say with reasonable uverennostyo that life originated and evolved in a radioactive world. The radioactivity of the world - a necessary condition suschestvoapiya life on Earth. Living organisms are in the process of phylogenesis alaptirsvalis to the natural level of ionizing radiation, and its changes are affecting the livelihoods of organpzmov who are able to adapt within certain boundaries to increase the natural background radiation.
We are now at the very beginning of the study intereeneyshey problems of modern science on the biological significance of natural radiation. There is no doubt that the decision-Loy will give problems in the hands of man yet another strong arm of government ~ NATURE. I must say in conclusion that this has long been thought of eminent scientists. Another Mendeleev in "Osnonah chemistry" wrote: "... soil ... has pekotoroy degree of radioactivity, and it seems to affect the growth of many plants 11 in the state of health. " Marie Curie believed that "the radioactive environment in which live animals, plants and people, ... is one of the conditions of their normal state. " ES London suggested that radioactive potassium in the body pahodyaschiysya is "inexhaustible" source of negatively charged particles, supporting the potential difference across the surface of cell membranes. In his opinion, this fact is the condition of the normal course of metabolic processes in the cell environment.
HEALTH 'people from the effects of ionizing radiation VREDNORO
The problem of protecting people from harmful and hazardous effects of ionizing radiation have long been developed. In 1905 the first congress of the German na radiologists were raised about the legal protection of labor radiologists. First aako11Odatelstvo was done in the Soviet Union in 1925. At the second International Congress of Radiographers in 1928 was to establish a permanent International Commission on Radiation e aschite (ICRP). Since 1953, the ICRP developed rekomentsatsii to protect the population.
The Soviet Union operates health legislation governing the rules of ionizing radiation sources .. gravitating radiation. In the system of radiological health services are organized groups that are charged with the observance of sanitary koptrol s akopodatelstva. They shall in particular, control, and the radioactivity of environmental objects, including food.
In our country, and created more than ten years running the world's first Research Institute for Radiation


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