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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 28.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 28.Enlarge


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hygiene, is scientific and methodical center on the development problems of radiation hygiene.

Artificial sources of ionizing radiation, according to the United Nations Scientific Committee on the effect of radiation, creating an average annual dose to the gonads of 40 mrad, while from natural sources, the dose is 100 mrad, that is 2.5 times greater.

Thus, increasing the radiation exposure due to artificial sources of radiation with respect peveliko. Given the same variability of natural background radiation and the body's ability to adapt to an increase in background radiation within certain limits, we must recognize these changes in the magnitude of radiation. Vozdeysgviya sufficiently safe for health.

However, it should 'note that these doses - the average for the whole population. In some cases, there may be considerable variation. Thus, if each person in the use of ionizing radiation for therapeutic purposes at an average receives 10 mrad per year, the patients undergoing radiotherapy, can get thousands and tens of thousands of rads.

Now, after a lapse of eight years after the prohibition of nuclear tests in three environments, the risk associated with the action of radioactive fallout, significantly de-shil ACL. The dose produced by them, shall be calculated on average within 2-5 mrad per annum, is a few percent of, the dose received from natural radiation.

The main contribution to dose from artificial radiation sources contribute rentrenodiagnosticheskie procedure. On average it is about 25 mrad per year. In the large cities of developed countries, this dose is much higher. So, for New York, she ostigaet ~ 150 mrad.

By themselves, these doses are not harmful to health. However, in the. some cases they can be much higher and the problem of genetic damage. Therefore, all countries have taken steps that protect people and pervuyuochered young people are capable of procreation, from the irrational use of X-rays for diagnostic purposes.

In the Soviet Union carried out a special package of measures to reduce exposure to radiation during X-ray procedures. Constantly monitor the technical serviceability of equipment and associated equipment cabinet X-ray 'sanitary requirements. Limited mass X-ray diagnostic examinations. They are not conducted in children. In pregnant women. Due to the high fetal radiochuvstvitelnostyo renttenodiagnosticheskie procedures are carried out only in extreme cases on vital indications.

At the same time, the modern diagnosis of diseases in many


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