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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 29.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 29.Enlarge


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based on results of X-ray studies, a value which in this respect can not be overestimated. In many of the preventive measures used by X-ray diagnostic examinations maesovye. Therefore, there is no reason to abandon the use of such a powerful diagnostic tool. The more so that X-ray equipment is constantly being improved. This allows you to gradually reduce the magnitude of radiation exposure.
So, now being implemented converters (EOC), able to remove the image from the screen of X-ray machine and transfer it to the TV screen. Takoeustroystvo allows up to ten times lower value of the beam-wave effects on the patient.
Finally, at the present time all the doctors and staff radiologists familiar with the X-ray rooms with the health of patients from unnecessary and harmful effects of radiation when: conducting rentgepodiagnosgicheskih procedures.
An example of the active intervention of Hygienists in nespravdannoe use of X-rays is in stores zapreschenieispolzovat X-ray machines at primerkeobuvi. They are widely ispolaovalis shoe stores in Germany. [De annually produced from 23 to 45 million radiographic, and for each session the buyer received 100 mrad.
Widespread 'got a watch with a luminous' dials containing radioactive substances. In average, the paint on the dial contains 1.5 mkkyurp radium, which creates a dose of about 1 mrad for the year. However, if the content of radium. in the paint above, this dose may be higher and reach. 4-80 mrad.
In the big time stores', as shown by measurements made in Germany, received from the sellers _ dials with luminous paint dose, 75% of the dose-create the natural background radiation, my.
TVs are very widespread. In 1967, the Soviet Union about 70 million viewers, that is. about one-third of the population. Television tube - CRT - emits soft X-rays, and if not provided neobholimaya protection, the dose of X-rays received by viewers, can reach undesirable size.
Because of the lack of protection in the color TV companies "General Electric" had to replace more than 100 thousand tube. This issue was discussed in Congress, as caused a wide resonance among the population.
In the Soviet Union installed GOST, providing that produced televisions can create a dose at a distance. 50 cm from the screen, not to exceed 13 mcd per hour. Such a dose for a year on the entire population will be 0.5% of the dose produced by the natural level of ionizing radiation.


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