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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Blog from the author ruslender. Reprinted from the site, spelling and punctuation of the author retained the reliability of the information - at the discretion of the reader.

First, the fourth flow any obstacles, even sewed pobodree than the third. In order to visualize its effect on living tissue, cells, and bring Poetichetskoe Comparison: The third flow rate - this is like a cloud of fine fractions bekasinoy flies through the gym. And the fourth - all from a heavy machine gun, clearly laid in the single-chamber refrigerator. That's it.
Attenuate the neutron flux can only (from the very well-known materials), water, polyethylene wax so.

Secondly, the fourth flow of irradiated atoms can turn obstacles into isotopes. That is, there was a brick wall is made of silicon, carbon kaltsyya yes, and then shrank back to its good fit of the fourth beam flow. Part of the neutrons had not even noticed the barrier, and flew on. A part - hit the bricks atoms, and nucleons povyshibala of them, making the usual calcium, silicon and carbon - radioactive. And they began to shine on all around the second and third charges. Cool, yes.

Third. Now, count up, it was not a brick wall, and your bird. And you breathe a modicum of neutron-active aerosol. And in the radioactive isotopes were fun to turn your own atoms, a second ago the former good and helpful. Reluctance of such thinking, ord? That's me too. Personally, I do - worse than fourth-fifth-wheel syphilis, and if I say "go there and work, however, there shines a little neutron" - I would prefer to receive severance pay and go look for gavnochista processing, and when I find it, then I sincerely schastlef. Because it is much better and healthier. The other extreme, of course, people work with such preparations - but personally I do not want to own this. Maybe this is purely my personal obsession, and old pots with Rabotnicki me laugh, but the fourth flow, I do not want to totally irradiated. The second - but for God's sake, the third - and fuck to do first - better than a course I do not need, and the fourth - definitely go to the forest. Here is such a ranking has turned out :)

Good in that without being an employee of the glorious atomproma, with a dense net flow rate of the fourth to encounter you do not, and never did - just before the moment when our Strategic Partners are not podvzorvut over your town neutron bomb. This, I think the best circumstances for a practical acquaintance with the fourth flow - because knowledge is not delayed, and will have to suffer for long.
That is worth remembering that the fourth rate - this is the worst byaka possible, but there is a plus - the fourth with a clean face is unrealistic, except in the case of a major accident at a nuclear reactor. The fourth is likely to be present in the spectrum of the complex mud that somehow crawled out from any power plant, take it more bluntly nowhere.

How to measure radiatsyyu.

Just the concept of "unit". This micro-roentgen per second to the third, that is to scale. Not an hour in the second.
Why so.
In an emergency situation (as described in this thread only to her) "micro-roentgen per hour" is meaningless to use, and I myself will be less confusion in the testimony, more unit of it is somehow familiar. In addition, you'd better just mark "radiatsyonny file" in my head is in the "one", because that thou shalt understand exactly what they say uncle in gloomy and scary masks UGC to erysipelas, which stood in the middle of an intersection under your window, and drive over the asphalt strange things.

Why in the third.
On the third - because in most cases, the mud contains more than one radioactive element, and the pile is a mixture of all the isotopes that emit once the entire spectrum of ionizing radiation.
Cases where the out of control in a large volume jumped a clean alpha or neutron product, there may be current in a couple of places in the former Soviet Union, and to consider them, we will not.
In general, considered to be this: to discover the contamination area, just look - and not on whether there is some excess of the area of ​​natural background radiation, an average of 10-15 mc / h And if there is still excess signified, it makes complete sense to measure the area of ​​interest is already an adult, that is, with an alpha detector, and neutron - because the gamma-emitting products as a rule, one does not walk, and lift the level of gamma-field suggests that this locality is something wrong in the sense radiatsyonnogo pollution. And if something goes wrong, then a suspicious area should be checked carefully, because in theory it may be that the third flow is still normal, but the first - is Hiroshima.
In order to "measure radiatsyyu" there spetsyalnye devices. They are divided into combat and training, rather, to professional and personal.
Immediately will outline: from the household in a radiation accident caught nothing. With most professional, surprisingly, exactly the same thing - they can only see that "and here is dirty." And then, when not svihnetsya - dick knows how to behave on dense flows capitalist ionization chambers, can they immediately kryaknut.
So I think al sinful non-kosher (from the public), all but RUP-1 and DP-5. These devices - yes, the fighting in the full sense of the word. They have decades worth behave in such a noble fucking All that designers want to kiss their hands.

So if you see a need to be prepared for meaningful action in the area of ​​serious contamination, your choice of RUP-1. Well, or JP-5, if rupik presses toad.
Buy them, no problem, and if you have no friends in the army or the Ministry of Emergency Situations, come on, where I saw them not even for "funny", and in general for no money (AP bunch Th-about two rubles, not rupik I remember (years ago)

By purchasing the device, Teach him.

You must understand the scale of it immediately, without wrinkling his lap-dogs and not moving his lips in a painful reflection.
To master it, firmly inject himself in the head off the following: as soon as you were in a dirty place, you start to type the dose.

And if the absolute value of the accumulated dose of thee shall come in a tragic mismatch with your personal tolerance, you die the death of lousy, corrupt zazhyvo.

Of course, it happens that the personal effects of the resistance of the phenomenally high, and people survive even one-time session afterward in a thousand or two rem on the fourth, but it is a unique case, a game of fate, comparable to all the well-known curiosities like "bullet polbashki demolished - and the man was still alive and do not even really an idiot. "
The reality is quite different. In reality, a citizen will give another on the head with his fist, and seemingly not much - and in two houses at once the trouble starts, in a memorial service in the second dried breadcrumbs.
Exactly the same thing with all radiatsyonnym: accept your absolute threshold for X-rays 400 (received on the whole body of the third), because it's real value in order to actually glue the fins in a month. And if you do not kill you to acute luchovki, you will be income, unable to lift anything heavier than his own pee-pee.

Therefore, from the first second, as you realized that he was in the dirt, you're ALWAYS DOLZHET know for how much you have won the day for these things. And how you left before articulated above tsyfry Sad.

This means that in an emergency you MUST ALWAYS EZHEBLYATMINUTNO Realize how much you get right here and now. And on what consumption. Only in this case, you'll be able to act consciously, taking some risks and rejecting others.
And for this you must understand and realize the reading on the fly to use it as it should - intuitively, without straining your brain.

Because of the importance, once again.

Once you were in the mud, you should appear in your head is constantly working the counter. You should always, every moment - to realize how much you currently receive. And what exactly.
And if you're the head of the family, you have to be considered for all at once, or more precisely, for each individual. Without straining EDT, on the machine.

Therefore, to learn at least a couple of books on sabzh. Recommend something concrete will not just download a couple of sabzhevoy benefits (SOVIET, not trendy), and from time to time, does the reading they are not afraid of intricacies. Over time, incomprehensibility clearer, cereal runs out in his head, and a meaningful look at sabzh will gradually emerge. Start with Loschakova, it is not so golovoeben as others, but read everything, not utykayas in one thing, and God forbid you start to "understand from beginning to end, leaving behind the unclear of" - as if nothing good will come out.
Plyashi from practice, by all means avoid the horses in a vacuum. Modeled what realties YOUR SPECIFIC, zhyznennuyu and the real situation - again, and there were specific questions about SPECIFIC tsyferok. Climbed up and looked, made it clear in passing arisen - and to realize their full namodelenny sample completely. You can simulate the following keysik. The only way you bring yourself a favor and not his head nabesh unnecessary crap out of which books are on the dosimetry of 99%.

The same applies to the issues in this thread. SCHA I will paint a couple of moments, and I will give the go-ahead for asking questions, so that everyone interested in the data outright sabzh better understand: stupid questions I stupidly rubbed, so as not to clutter up this thread, to which I refer to is truly unprecedented and tremulous tenderness, because I believe this sabzh very important. On a good, useful question and did not wish to fill three pages, and a blunt - current shot on the spot. Striving for knowledge, and consequently applied to this stand-alone effort - get here pasilny padderzhka and aspiring poumnichat or just stupid - will be strictly under the assholes heat.

To read everything that I'm here ponakaryabal, more competent and scholarly manner, honor voteto.

This link is much that I have omitted for greater clarity and understanding required for this is not - but a thoughtful person will contribute uniquely.
In short, up to you - you have to zagruzhatstso details, or you will get along quite a common understanding sabzh.

What to do if you knew that was in the dirt.

Methods to control radioactive contamination areas do not exist, so the strategy is always the same, and the answer to the question "what to do" is always the same: do have legs. How far away from this place. Other strategic decisions in such a situation is impossible.

However, the legs can be done differently, that is fine - and in the ass. The difference between these two methods is the numerical expression, and is calculated in rems of radiation exposure received by you and your family. That is, you can throw out a dangerous place so that the impact will be minimal, but you can blame, and so that your family nazhretsya vitaminchega so tightly that it would cost less, if you're sitting on ass flat, and no one will not dragging.

In order to do everything humanly, the need to orient the two domains. This is "exactly what happened and what it means" and "what should be taken specific actions taken and in what sequence they should take."

That is, you must submit, with the trouble which is the character you might encounter in their own region, and a deliberate course of action for the most probable. "Sense" - this means that you do not confound some deviations from the previously discussed schemes, and you always skompiliruesh right solution for this particular situation.
obrazrom so, we can consider these two subject areas - "And what might actually happen?" and "What is necessary to act?"

So, "What can happen and what exactly happened means."

(Just in case once again warn all that I write here is purely my personal nazhytymi cockroaches, not the retelling of others' opinions, as stroganauchnyh - as well as any other. You can take this into account when drawing up their own vision, you can not take - me on the drum, and Zhyt Borotstso - you, so watch yourself, the more the reservation will not be repeated)

Radiatsyonnyh accidents happen two species, spacing, and cover.

Split I call the situation when p / a medication has left the place where dozhen store, and started briskly taken away for certain areas - transport, people, atmospheric phenomena.
Serving - the same thing, but subject to the availability of a certain energy source on which the p / a the drug rose into the air and formed a cloud that traveled to pollinate the territory took place in the direction of the wind.

The scale of the event is not important: one and the same quantity of the drug may work well, and commercials. For example (real example of the way izzhyzne): base vtormets, drag the arrow to the magnet iron. Some idiot is not pulled from the source device, the device has passed a whole. Source fell, and during handling of his crushed metal. The source was strontium chloride in the dry. Strontium fun ran out of broken vials, and fuck up everything. The dirt was a hard worker, dragged their feet on the dirt at first on the path to the cabins, well, in the shed itself. More on muddy nobody went. Day ended, plodders dressed and went home. While these gestures hardworking fuck up their entire metal base, a stop, the buses that were traveling home, passazhyrov these buses stop at the pub, hanyg of this beer, its entrances and apartments of their women, children and dogs tesch - and much more. Fuck up so that if "in an amicable way," that all this must Demolition, and the resulting debris - remove and dispose of, and then dispose of all construction equipment, and who participated in this comedy.
But it does not matter.
The trouble would be if it looked hunky crushed ampule, turned it over in his hands, came up with Cho to do with it - and threw into the fire. Dry chloride strontsyya pleased to be flown together with the products of combustion, and fun to be an ass AT ALL in the path of smoke, and as the loss of the solid fraction formed the tail, and tail of this would have been in places such spots that ...
In short, a very good thing if it is not picked up a vial business, and next there was no fire. And well, it was a beta-active strontium, and not, say, americium or plutonium, because then the laborer (and maybe a few dozen residents of neighboring houses) would not save any pentatsynovye ingalyatsyi.No I digress, as the main here is this: if the p / a product is out of control, but lies quietly in a deserted place, and it will no marking, it is bad, but not quite. But if the spillage or spilled medication begin to run or ride, all at once becomes very complicated, and the worst - if a spilled / spilled agent is either fire, or the output shaft ventilyatsyonnoy, or just sun-heated roof, above which a fresh breeze blowing.

In short, the dressing - this is strictly according to Bulgakov, "Anna had spilled the oil, the oil was plutonium, its citizens have carried on the feet and trams - why at the Patriarch was to take place radiatsyonnaya massive accident."
And the cover - is Chernobyl.


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