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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Arrow Techno - universal X-ray dosimeter (Tehnoprodzhekt, Russia)

Arrow Techno - universal X-ray dosimeter (Tehnoprodzhekt, Russia)Enlarge

Sliding-scale prices

1-49 pcs per 21.200,00 руб.

> 50 pcs per 19.100,00 руб.

21.200,00 руб.

excl.Shipping costs

Dosimeters Arrow Techno series are designed for continuous measurement of exposure dose of ionizing radiation over a wide energy range. The dosimeter is designed specifically for the X-ray and radiotherapy, radioisotope laboratories of medical institutions, as it allows to record the emission in the energy range from 17 keV to 1.25 MeV. The dosimeter is also used as a professional instrument for measuring the exposure dose received by personnel of nuclear facilities, the emergency services, civil defense, fire brigade, police, customs and border services.
A dosimeter is a precision high-capacity capacitor with analog indicator strain, is under pressure in a sealed carbon-fiber casing.When charging the capacitor voltage to the indicator needle is set to "0". Under the action of ionizing radiation, the capacitor discharges, indicated that the needle indicator, graduated in millirentgenah. To remove the indications to look at the external source of light through the eyepiece located at the mounting clip on the device.
Recharging the battery charger is produced.
The price includes the cost of the instrument calibration with the issuance of the certificate of the Russian sample.
Technical characteristics

Measuring range: 0-200mR (for gamma and X-ray)

Accuracy: + - 10% (calibrated for the Cs-137 or Co-60)

Energy dependence of + - 10% (for the range of 17keV-1.25MeV)

The range of dose rate: no limit

Electrical brain: in the absence of radiation leakage or samozaryad no more than 0.5% of full scale for 24 hours at 50oS. When 20oS dosimeter is discharged only from the background radiation. After a total exposure 20000R leaked less than 5% of full scale for 48 hours at 20oS. In this case, the leak should be considered in the measurements.

Charge voltage: voltage "zeroing" 140-196V.

Operating conditions: no restrictions.

Change the sensitivity to 10% is possible with a combination of the following conditions:

Temperatures below 20 ° C and 50 ° C

Altitude of over 15,000 feet for more than a month

Humidity 95%

Severe shock and vibration

Weight: 19 g

Dimensions: length 12.4 cm, diameter 1.5 cm


housing - highly conductive carbon fiber,

Clamp - high fiberglass

To use the device (or multiple devices) requires at least one charge unit:

Arrow Techno - universal X-ray dosimeter (Tehnoprodzhekt, Russia)Enlarge 


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