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Dosimeters and radiometers

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MKS-AT6130 dosimeter-radiometer (Atomteh, Belarus)

MKS-AT6130 dosimeter-radiometer (Atomteh, Belarus)Enlarge

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Modification of the instrument:

Portable compact device.
Available in versions MKS-AT6130, -AT6130,-AT6130V, AT6130D,-AT6130S.

The device zanasen in the State Register of measuring instruments in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. comes with calibration. 


measurement of the dose rate H * (10) of gamma radiation;

measurement of dose H * (10) of gamma radiation;

measurement of the density of beta-particles flux (for the MKS-6130).

audible and visual alarm exceeding thresholds for dose, dose rate and flux density;

quick response to a statistically significant change in dose (restart measurements);

selective measurement of β-and γ-radiation in mixed fields;

ability to work in a wide temperature range in the field;

beep when the registration of each γ-quanta (β-particles) during the search of sources of ionizing radiation;

stored in nonvolatile memory up to 2000 results with date and time of measurement;

LCD display on the measurement results, the current time, date and character of the discharge battery;

opportunity to communicate with the computer via the infrared port (for MKS-AT6130/V/D).
Scope of supply:

Basic kit:



cover for mounting on your belt;


On request:

IC card;

software to communicate with a PC;

battery pack and charger;

the headset;
the holder of the remote.

gas-discharge counter

Measurement range of the dose rate H * (10):

- MKS-AT6130/A/V
0.1 mSv / h ÷ 10 mSv / h

- MKS-AT6130D
0.1 mSv / h ÷ 100 mSv / h

- MKS-AT6130S
0.1 mSv / h ÷ 1 mSv / h

Dose measurement H * (10):

- MKS-AT6130/A/V
0.1 Sv ÷ 100 mSv

- MKS-AT6130D
0.1 mSv ÷ 1 Sv

- MKS-AT6130S
0.1 Sv ÷ 100 mSv

The range of flux density measurement of beta particles
10 ÷ 104 cm2 min1 ·

Range-energy X-ray and gamma-aizlucheniya:

- MKS-AT6130
0,02 ÷ 3,0 MeV

- MKS-AT6130A/V/S/D
0,05 ÷ 3,0 MeV

The range of the maximum energy spectrum recorded betachastits (MKS-AT6130)
0,155 ÷ 3,5 MeV

Power supply
2 cells AAA

Time of continuous operation with one set of elements in a background of <1 mSv / h (AT-6130S)
at least 700 hours

Dimensions, weight
no more than 111 × 70 × 38 mm, 0.25 kg

Function MKS-AT6130 MKS-AT6130A MKS-AT6130B, MKS-AT6130D MKSAT6130S
Measurement of gamma-ray + + + +
Measurement of X-ray +      
Measuring the flux density of beta-radiation +      
Infrared channel data exchange with PC +   +


All versions of the dosimeter-radiometer MKS-AT6130 included in the register of measuring the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan, and the modification of the MKS-AT6130, MKS-AT6130-MKS, MKS-AT6130V included in the register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania.

Conforms to International Standards IEC 60846, IEC 60325 and the standards EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-2 under the conditions of Directive 89/336/EEC.

MKS-AT6130 dosimeter-radiometer (Atomteh, Belarus)Enlarge  MKS-AT6130 dosimeter-radiometer (Atomteh, Belarus)Enlarge  MKS-AT6130 dosimeter-radiometer (Atomteh, Belarus)Enlarge 


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