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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Dosimeter DKG-07D “Drozd” (Dose, Russia)

Dosimeter DKG-07D “Drozd” (Dose, Russia)Enlarge

35.600,00 руб.

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Easy-to-use, reasonably priced dosimeter, convenient for radiation surveys. Measurement result and corresponding uncertainty are updated continuously from the start of measurement. Audible signals help the operator to obtain fast estimations of radiation levels.


  • measurement of ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10) of gamma radiation;
  • measurement of ambient equivalent dose H*(10) of gamma radiation (exposure of operator).


  • two independent measurement channels;
  • continuous measurement with updating measurement result;
  • fast estimation of radiation levels by audible signals (chirps) with frequency proportional to dose rate;
  • measurement result can be obtained with any desired statistical uncertainty (error);
  • automatic restart of measurement in case of the abrupt change of radiation level;
  • indication of statistical uncertainty (error) during measurement process;
  • indication of measurement unit;
  • illuminated indicator;
  • pocket size;
  • high sensitivity.

Complete set:

  • dosimeter DKG-07D; 
  • transportation bag;
  • operation manual;
  • two batteries (AA-type).



gas discharge counter

Measurement range:

  • dose-rate H*(10)

0.1 μSv/h ÷ 3 mSv/h

  • dose H*(10)

1 μSv ÷ 0.2 Sv

Energy range

0.05 – 3 MeV

Limits for basic relative measurement error

±[15+2.5/ H*(10)]%, 
where H*(10) – measured value of dose rate, μSv/h (or μSv)

Measurement interval

from 36 seconds down to 1 second (inversely proportional to dose rate)

Energy response within energy range (relative to 0.662 MeV)

no more than ±25 %

Indication and data transfer:

  • illuminated digital indicator
  • audible signals

Operation temperature range

minus 20 ºC ÷ +50 ºC


plastic case

Power supply

2 batteries 1.5 V (type AA)

Mean operation time with one set of batteries

no less than 200 hours

Overall dimensions, weight

111×73×28 mm, 0.2 kg


Dosimeter DKG-07D “Drozd” (Dose, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter DKG-07D “Drozd” (Dose, Russia)Enlarge 


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