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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Dose-rate meter / radiometer MKS-15D “Snegir” (Dose, Russia)

Dose-rate meter / radiometer MKS-15D “Snegir” (Dose, Russia)Enlarge

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Compact dose-rate meter / radiometer for gamma/beta radiation with unique switching mechanism between gamma and beta measurement modes: when operator opens a shutter of the detector window, the device switches to the corresponding mode. The shutter is hidden inside the case thus preventing its contamination or loss.


  • measurement of dose-rate H*(10) of gamma radiation;
  • measurement of dose H*(10) of gamma radiation;
  • measurement of beta particles flux density.


  • indication of statistical uncertainty during the measurement process;
  • continuous measurement with accuracy increasing with time;
  • automatic restart of measurement, triggered by sufficient change of gamma radiation dose-rate;
  • measurement results with desired level of statistical uncertainty;
  • compensation of count rate attributable to gamma radiation while measuring beta radiation;
  • indication of measurement unit;
  • indication of battery charge level;
  • illumination of display;
  • the user can set an alarm threshold for dose-rate (the excess of the threshold will be accompanied by an audible signal);
  • specifications comply with requirements of Appendix 1 of Rules №131-I dated 04.12.2007 “Procedure for detection, temporary storage and abolition of banknotes and coins with radioactive contamination” issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


Detector gas discharge counter
Measurement range 
  • dose-rate H*(10)
0.1 µSv/h ÷ 2·10-3Sv/h
  • dose H*(10)
0.1 µSv ÷ 10.0 Sv
  • flux density of beta particles (for Sr-90+Y-90)
10 ÷ 105 cm-2·min-1
Energy range:
  • gamma radiation
0.05 ÷ 3 MeV
  • beta radiation
0.1 ÷ 3 MeV
Operating temperature range minus 20 ºC ÷ +50 ºC
Power supply two batteries (type AA)
Mean operation time with one set of batteries (under natural background conditions) 400 hours
Ingress protection IP52
Overall dimensions, weight 124×72×35 mm, 0.3 kg



Dose-rate meter / radiometer MKS-15D “Snegir” (Dose, Russia)Enlarge 


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