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Dosimeters and radiometers

LLC "Axelbant"

Block BDKS-96S for the dosimeter-radiometer DKS-96 (Dose, Russia)

Block BDKS-96S for the dosimeter-radiometer DKS-96 (Dose, Russia)Enlarge

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* Company "Axelbant" is the official dealer of OOO NPP "Dose." Products LLC NPP "Dose" is sold at the price of the manufacturer.

Block for the detection of gamma radiation and beta radiation on gamma-ray background (with its automatic compensation).

gas-discharge counters Beta 2, Beta-2M

Measurement range of the dose rate H * (10) of gamma radiation
0.1 mSv Wh-1 ÷ 1,0 mSv Wh-1

Dose measurement of H * (10) gammaizlucheniya
0.1 mSv ÷ 10 Sv

Energy range of detected gamma-and X-ray
0,05 ÷ 3 MeV

The area of the active surface of the detector to register the beta radiation
15 cm2

The range of flux density measurement betaizlucheniya * (for Sr-90 + Y-90)
10 ÷ 3 · 104 · min-1 cm-2

Energy range of detected beta radiation
0,12 ÷ 3,0 MeV

The effectiveness of the registration:

- By Sr-90 + Y-90
not less than 30%

- By Tl-204
At least 10%

- On C-14
not less than 3%

Dimensions, weight
Ø80 × 80 mm, 0.35 kg

The length of the sliding rod
0.7 m

* When the gamma-background of up to 50 mSv / h lower limit of measurement remains the same.


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