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Decontamination agent (concentrate 1:10) to remove radioactive contamination from various surfaces (except the eyes and mucous membranes), clothing and footwear. Applicable for treatment of radioactive contamination of auto-moto, ships, railway rolling stock, buildings, equipment, any surface (except foodstuffs and semi-finished products).

Outside, not for ingestion !

Designed for liquid decontamination (except the eyes), clothes, shoes, different surfaces and premises situated in their equipment, instruments, products, furniture , etc. of alpha- , beta - , gamma -active impurities in the form of solutions, and a liquid dispersion aerosol (mist) and solid (dusts contamination) dispersed phases. Permissible to use for decontamination of chemically unstable painted enamel surfaces indoors (concrete, plaster, carbon steel, stainless steel, painted surfaces, metal , plastic, ceramic tile , etc.).

Ingredients: purpose detergent is an aqueous composition (gel) on the basis of anionic and nonionic surfactants ( anionic surfactants and nonionic surfactant). Extras: means able to easily remove anthropogenic and technogenic pollution in the form of deposits of oil, minerals, fat, protein, atmospheric and otherwise from any surfaces.


- Has a high decontamination effect in relation to radionuclides (radioactive substances and products containing them);

- Has a high cleaning effect and maintains it at full use of both cold and hot water , used in the temperature range from +1 ° C to +60 ° C;

- Chemically passive (pH = 7) , does not require the use of personal protective equipment ( gloves , creams , etc.);

- Does not irritate the skin of the hands and body with multiple contacts;

- Fire and explosion hazard , fully biodegradable;

- Highly concentrated and has a high viscosity, which allows economical use of the product in terms of precise dosages;

- Has a high electrophilicity , and flowability , which allows to wash the ( deactivated ) inaccessible surface pores, cracks , chips , etc. ;

- Is moderately foamy substance that meets the high requirements of machine washing and does not cause sudden foaming during transportation;

- Does not lose its physical and chemical properties after repeated freezing and thawing;

- Has high antibacterial and disinfectant properties;

- Protected by RF patent № 2147606 from 20.04.00 

Method of application:

Means apply a thin layer onto the surface , avoid contact with eyes . After 1-2 min rinse agent sufficient water . Remains of decontamination solution to remove cloth rag cloth. rewash with clean water.

Hold control study treated surfaces for residual contamination with radionuclides using a dosimeter ( radiometer ) in accordance with the instructions for the device.

If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Generated waste containing dangerous radionuclides disposed of in accordance with SP "Sanitary Rules for Radioactive Waste Management (SPORO- 2002) ."

In the case of pneumatic spraying method (foamer) decontamination solution is prepared on the basis of water in the ratio 1:10, in accordance with the instruction manual of the equipment.

Consumption rates means exemplary, they strongly depend on the degree of contamination with radionuclides and should be reprocessed and the technique of washing:

- Floor with a plastic coating, linoleum, metal (warships) - at 50 ml/10l (1:20 ) is enough for processing 20-30 sq.m.

- Parquet floors - at a concentration of 50 ml/10l (1:20 ) is enough for processing 10-15 sq.m.

- The concrete  floor - at 50 ml/10l (1:20 ) is enough for processing 5-10 sq.m.

- Railway rolling stocks - at 50 ml/10l (1:20 ) is enough for processing 5-10 m surface.

- Glass - at 5 ml/10l ( 1:200 ) is enough for processing 5-10 sq.m.

Example calculation of consumption : a canister 5 liters is enough for a single treatment of 2500 sq.m floor , plastic-coated (costs 4100 rubles).

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

The agent is available in plastic bottles of 5 liters . Transported by all modes of transportation with protection from external factors influencing the temperature range from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C. When loading and unloading should avoid damage to the packaging . Stored in compressed form in closed ventilated warehouse at ambient temperatures from -50 0C to +50 0C, avoiding contact with direct sunlight and moisture. When thawing composition , flaking, loss of floc and other signs of homogeneity of the gel. To restore the original state ( transparency) and the original physico- chemical properties sufficient to heat the composition at room temperature. If this is not enough , then by shaking or mechanical stirring song we bring to its original condition.

Shelf life - 24 months from date of manufacture .

The ratios are single decontamination in accordance with GOST 27708-88: 

Decontaminated surface

Type of pollution


137Cs ( gamma activity)

90 Sr

+90Y (beta activity)

239Pu (alpha activity)

Rubber gloves








Corrosion-resistant steel 12Cr18Ni10T




Steel 3




Alloy tool steel 6H6V3MFS




XB- 784 varnish , enamel XB- 785 , AK -070 primer on concrete




Enamel PF - 115 on concrete




 background - the background does not exceed the value of the residual surface contamination .

The product is manufactured in accordance with TU 2381.003.69745044.2013. Protected by RF patent number 2.147.606 . The agent has a Rostest certificate number 0014216 (consisting of supplies to the dosimeter MKS-85B " Schoolboy " ).




SanPin " Sanitary rules for decontamination of PPE " (rus)

Our dosimeters at Fukushima (article, Russian)

Наши дозиметры на Фукусиме Наши дозиметры на Фукусиме Наши дозиметры на Фукусиме

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