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Gamma radiation dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" on the Geiger-Mueller (Axelbant, Russia)

Gamma radiation dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" on the Geiger-Mueller (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge

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Measuring rod 1,7 m:

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Dosimeter MKS-85 "Schoolboy" is based on the classic high-sensitivity Geiger-Muller counter. The device features unique in its class weight and size characteristics (110x33x15 mm, 45 g), has a sensitivity of X-rays. The device has the ability to output dose graphics on it's own graphical indicator. Dosimeter-clock, MKS-85 "Schoolboy" is designed to control the level of radiation on the ground and on the premises, as well as to assess the radioactive contamination of materials, foodstuffs. The device is simple and reliable in operation and does not require special skills. 

Dosimeter MKS-85GM is available in four versions: MKS-85 "Schoolboy" (base model), MKS-85B "Schoolboy" (with BLUETOOTH module and silicon-based counter), MKS-85F "Baby" (flash drive, without display), MKS-85GM (with Russian state metrological certificate). Please specify when ordering.

Графическое отображение истории изменений мощности дозы


Technical parameters of the dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" meet professional instrument, the instrument is certified Rostest and European CE certification.

Technical description and characteristicsDosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" for measuring seafood comes with plastic bags with a lock, as well as a liquid solution for decontamination of the body and contaminated sites "Deactivator-A".

Dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" is designed for monitoring ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation in the domestic environment (rooms, food, construction materials, soil, etc.) and can also be used by personnel working with sources of ionizing radiation. At the same time there is an accumulation of information on the dose received by users in the interest of his time, as well as display the current date, time and temperature.

The device has the following features:

- Changing the display information (display)

- The dose / dose rate / Clock / Schedule change dose

- Change the audio alarm thresholds

- Disable the alarm

- automatic account the temperature dependence of the measurement error

- Installation and display the current date and time

- Archive of measurements on 3276 records

- Installation of three different alarm threshold dose rate and dose

- Charging the internal battery via USB


EDR measurement range

от 0,10 до 1·103 mcSv/h 

Measurement range of ED

от 0,01 mSv до 10 Sv   

Resolution of accumulation time

1 h

The limits of permissible relative error

±25 %.

The range of photon energy by measuring the level of dose

от 0,04 до 10 MeV

Energy dependence no more than

± 30 %

Number of preset EDR thresholds 


Number of preset ED thresholds 


A graphical representation of the history of EDR changes  Yes

Setting range of EDR threshold levels 

от 0,1 до 2∙106 мкЗв/ч

Setting range of ED threshold levels

от 0,1 до 999∙106 мкЗв

Instability of the dosimeter readings for 24 hours of continuous operation

±10 %.

Continuous operation from a fully charged battery (when measured at the level of natural background radiation, without the use of LCD backlight)

not less than 120 h.

Dosimeter power supply from the built lithium-polymer battery nominal voltage of 3.7 V, or via miniUSB connector when connected to a PC or any charger with USB output

archive volume 

up to 3276 records (time and date, EDR in mcSv/h)

Full charging time

no more than 4 h.

Дополнительная относительная погрешность при изменении температуры от минус 20 до +50 °С

±10 %.

Additional relative error when changing from normal humidity up to 98% at 35 ° C

±10 %

Operating conditions


- Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa.

- Relative humidity not more than 98% at 35 ° C;

- Ambient temperature from minus 15 to plus 50 ° C;

overall dimensions

110х33х17 mm.


no more than 45 g

The scope of delivery of the dosimeter includes:

- Dosimeter MKS-85 Schoolboy - 1 pc.

- Warranty card - 1 pc.

- Cable mini-USB - 1 pc.

- CD-ROM with manual - 1 pc.

In addition to all the devices we supply:

- Plastic bags with a lock to control seafood

- Deactivator-A (concentrate) - for removing radioactive contamination, 45 mL

The warranty period for the product - 2 years, lifetime - not less than 6 years, the battery - not less than 3 years.


Our dosimeters at Fukushima (article, Russian)

Наши дозиметры на Фукусиме Наши дозиметры на Фукусиме Наши дозиметры на Фукусиме

Gamma radiation dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" on the Geiger-Mueller (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge  Gamma radiation dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" on the Geiger-Mueller (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge  Gamma radiation dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" on the Geiger-Mueller (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge  Gamma radiation dosimeter MKS-85GM "Schoolboy" on the Geiger-Mueller (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge 


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