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Field Strength Meter compact microprocessor IPM-101m (Russia)

Field Strength Meter compact microprocessor IPM-101m (Russia)Enlarge

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Compact microprocessor unit, allowing to carry out rapid measurement field strength in the HF range and energy density of the electromagnetic field in the microwave range. Direct reading of measured values and auto-detect antenna-converter makes the instrument simple and easy to use.


RF № 21009-01, Kazakhstan


The device is designed to monitor compliance with maximum permissible levels of high-frequency radiation in the workplace personnel serving elektroradiotehnicheskie devices and systems that emit an electromagnetic field, according to GOST 12.1.006,
GN 2.1.8./ and San PiN 2.2.4/


Meter is designed as a compact portable unit with battery-powered and includes: the antenna-transducers (AP) directional reception, reading device microprocessor UO-101m and carrying case.

UO-101m provides the conversion to digital code, mathematical processing and display of measured values ​​on the LCD display.

To measure the electric fields are E01 and E02 AP. To measure the magnetic fields are H01 and H02 AP.

Meter as standard delivery is completed AP E01. Antennas E02, H01, H02 available as an option.

Meter provides:
direct readout of measured values ​​(V / m, mkVt/sm2, A / m);
auto-detect the AP;
automatic record of the frequency ratios attached AP;
measuring the field strength by measuring the projection of the field vector on the measuring axis and the AP trehortogonalnym method for fully automating the process of calculating the final value of the measurand;
continuous monitoring of user-degree battery charge power supply;
user adjustable time constant measurement.

Basic kit:
antenna-converter E01;
unit reference vol-101m;
Manual, passport
verification certificate.

antenna-converter E02;
antenna-converter H01;
antenna-converter H02.


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