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Household dosimeter SAMURAI-5000 (Russia)

Household dosimeter SAMURAI-5000 (Russia)Enlarge

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Household dosimeter SAMURAI-5000 is a modern, reliable, inexpensive device.

The product is made using modern sensor-semiconductor detector, which ensures high stability of readings and performance, the lack of high-voltage device.  The device is more secure than the classic Geiger-Mueller.  Even children can play with it.

Technical parameters of the dosimeter SAMURAI-5000 correspond to a professional instrument, because he made on the basis of professional dosimeter DKG-SP5000, the ongoing state tests.

Dosimeter to measure the seafood comes with a plastic bag with a lock.

SAMURAI-5000 is designed to monitor radiation levels in the locality and in the premises, as well as to assess the radioactive contamination of materials, food products. The device is simple and reliable in operation and requires no special skills.

Technical details and specifications

SAMURAI-5000 is designed to monitor ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation in living conditions (rooms, food, building materials, soil, etc.) and can also be used in personnel working with sources of ionizing radiation. At the same time there is an accumulation of information about the dose received by the user for certain period of time of time.

The device has the following features:
change the output mode information (indication) - The dose / dose rate

change the thresholds of audio alarm

disable sound


Control range ambient dose equivalent rate, mSv / h, - 0.05 to 5.106
Energy range of gamma radiation, MeV - 0.03 to 10.0 

The maximum relative erroe (cesium-137) - 25% 

The angle of the effective registration - 4π
Indication of evidence - continuous
Battery type "AAA" - 2 pcs.
Time of continuous operation of the product, not less hours - 480
Dimensions, height x width x thickness, mm - 105h58h23
Weight (with batteries), no more, Mr. - 100

The device is not registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments.

Household dosimeter SAMURAI-5000 (Russia)Enlarge 


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