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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 19.

Radioactivity and life. YK Kudrytski (MD) 1971 Part 19.Enlarge


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directly dependent on the total "dose IMG" r Ieposredstvennoe relation to the effects of radiation on prirodnoi 6110sferu Earth, and in particular to the person.
In considering the issues and useful to use ~ ~ terion doka.aatelstva contradiction. We assume that the biological. Skoe ~ deistvie at race]! TH radiation depends on the total dose poluchaemoi op.: Anizmami. Then, considering the nature of radiation-induced hereditary changes, logical ~ on to determine the total dose, not only received about the body naturally ~ ~. A life of its soostvennuyu which can be called ontogenegicheskoi summarnon dose, and dose I1akop ~ ennuyu next generation, so to speak, the phylogenetic total. doeu.
Over a lifetime, if it is taken for a length of 70 years, a person receives from natural radiation sources, T rad - a relatively small dose.
However, since the appearance on Earth peoantropov - modern humans passed 50-100 thousand years. Assuming that one year the body gets colo ~ 0.1 rad from the sources of natural radiation, we can calculate that the human population has gained about 5-10 thousand rad, the dose, very solid, capable of single exposure to cease living.
If, however, to determine the dose received by all who lived on the NW, on emle koleI1IIYaMI organisms, assuming that life on Earth began about 3.5 billion years ago, then it will amount to 350 million rad, that is to be the absolute death of the ~-tion for all living things . With this calculation does not take into account that at the beginning onogeneza radioactivity on the Earth was more than 2 times higher than now.
Naturally such a straightforward comparison is not enough reasonably modern radiobiological concepts. We do not know of the cocoa dose received by the body responsible for heritable changes. But even if we assume that it is a thousandth or ten thousandth of the absorbed dose, and the "phylogenetic" total dose is so large that a single voedsysgvii must inevitably produce striking effects.
At the same time privedeinye calculations indicate the improbability complete summation of the radial action item in the phylogeny, as well as in human-
pogeneze. u
Lack of direct summation of the effects of prolonged leistvii is not unique to ionizing radiation. Effects of long-term impact of most factors of the external world also does not explicitly added. We must assume that this general biological regularity. Organisms in different ways at once and respond to stretched in time the same effect on the value of one of the famous examples is preslovugaya drop of nicotine, 'capable of single exposure to kill ~ YKa not. Deystvuyuscha I read so fast on the smoker's totally "accumulate. Lebanon "this" drop "for many years. But. As is known, t-akaya "cumulative drop" is not indifferent for your health. But its action other than her own odpokratnoe effect.
Concluding a brief description of our knowledge of DOS,? Vnyh response patterns of living organisms to ionizing radiation deistvie, it is useful to note the point.
First of all we should acknowledge that the response of organisms to the action of ionizing radiation is subject to biological laws. In this respect, the radiation reaction do not differ from reactions to other biological
In 'the same time, the integrated response to ionizing radiation organizmua is a specific, distinct from the reactions to stimuli


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