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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Blog from the author ruslender. Reprinted from the site, spelling and punctuation of the author retained the reliability of the information - at the discretion of the reader.

In connection with certain events in the Land of the Rising Sun is not an atomic sin was to remember the basics of radiation safety, as set out no more than four months ago, the author, which do not need to be. Profanity certainly present. And where do without her?

Burke Al atom
Radiatsyonny trade

For those who live far from the bad sites, and sees the need to make intelligible the idea of ​​"radiation, both to protect themselves from it and all this."
Large strips of cloth for the seed to write once, I'll fill up this thread as the presence of free minutes.

Just have thrown ads: clever in a theoretical vein, there is no need, because what is written here - strictly a golimaya practice and practical conclusions from the same such as al sinned enough time to boil in the kitchen and the profile has participated in a fun and fervent perpetration of radiation accidents, and in a dull response.

For that immediately apologize - for the old one, all of these Grays and sievert for me an empty sound, in the head sprouted roots NRB-79 and berami millirentgenami, and scoff at them, translating them into new-fangled stupid Grays - meaning I do not see. Besides, the only kosher-instruments, that is, the old Soviet - just the very old one, so the idea of ​​sabzh better shape in them.

This theme (clean in my opinion) is so important that it should be treated without any cavalry mounts, slowly and sadly.

I will chew on your fingers, is popular, without flaunting terminology - like his own brother, which is a normal person like me - but all zhyzn sabzh walked past. Fans Nouchnyh Slovecheg can read a lot of their abundance in the Gugel, and here is all a peasant - for example, I'm not going to powder brains Becquerel and the reader is to write "exposure dose of gamma radiation on the ground, where there is contamination with radionuclides, roughly estimated at a 5 kKyuri per square kilometer, can be up to 0.017 rem per day. " Instead, I'll write correctly, but it is clear: "If a square kilometer of the smear half a kilogram of radium-226, over night stay at this square. Miles - you'll get about as much as a shift worker receives the nuclear industry - that is, there is sort of like dirty on the third flow, but nothing to piss, all the relative norm "

All right, move on to specifics.

First is to make out a human radiatsyya what it is and what a view it is different.

Radiatsyya - is the transfer of energy, wave or particle. The harm from radiation is produced when this energy on the wave or particle you done in your body and starts kurochit molecules from which you are a member.

That is, in itself no radiation is dangerous - dangerous to what is happening when it is braking in your fat. What happened is this: human flesh consists of long organic molecules, and they easily break apart when they hits energy, arrived on a wave or a particle. And these very same pieces of your molecules - poison for your bacon. From this poison bacon starts to hurt nepodetski. And if it turned out that the radiation has broken many of the molecules in your fat, the fat will not be able to quickly bring all the fragments of shit, urine or sweat, so - inevitably poison. And if you poison badly - you die a very unpleasant death.

Four types of radiation is, they are called "cost". Let us each, without haste, so you always imagined, and then the current move on.

A flow - alpha-radiation.

Alpha radiation is emitted in the decay of atomic nuclei of heavy elements, and is a current alfushek, that is, the nuclei of helium-4 atoms.
In itself, the alpha radiation is not dangerous in any way, and at the same time, the pollution of the first flow-second gavnistosti.
Gavnistost it is made up of several factors.
Those factors, about which you should know - exactly two, and all other interested only Uchonym.

Factor 1.
In alfushek extremely low penetrating power, but very high energy.
That is, if you're a speck of dust inhaled, smeared with alpha-active drug, it will stick to the nozzle in your lungs and begin to work only for one cubic centimeter of your leaver. Next light in fat does not take place because of the low penetrating power. But in that cubic centimeter alfushki not leave any of the whole molecule.
In fact, when ingested hot dust particles inside you, in this very cubic centimeter of where it stops and sticks, formed a sort of mini-factory for the cooking of the poison that runs continuously, without a weekend break. Struck by a cubic centimeter will devote plenty of venom and poison all the rest of your body. And you and I will be very unpleasant things.
Yes, you yourself have seen, human alpha-creates the human body: do you remember on the box showed that the pretzel, which Berezovsky travanul polonium? Do you remember what it was before this well-groomed, breeding bull with nazhratoy ryahoy? And what has become a matter of days - a sad Zsolt mummy with sunken eyes and povylezshimi voloseshkami, unable to keep his head straight. This is his way briskly shavaet alpha radiation, because polonium-210 alpha-active.
And he threw in the tea is not half a cup of concentrated solution, no. Scattering on the table ordinary table salt, look at the average particle size of - that's a speck of it in a cup and threw.
Now, mentally divide this speck of a thousand pieces. Get invisible to the eye dust. Again, mentally - Dun it, look it up into the air and hangs there without falling. And imagine, as you pass through this invisible cloud, breathe air, and these small dust particles stuck to your eyes (they are wet, do not forget), strewn with snot in the nose, larynx, trachea and lungs. And if the hands or face are open wounds, these dust particles into the blood and the blood flow through the veins taken away, getting to any internal organ, including to the most delicate substance - the spinal cord.
Remember one thing: the alpha-active mud is not dangerous until they got to see you inside. Generally speaking, you can irradiate the stream of alpha particles of any intensity - you will be nothing. Helium nuclei, with which are essentially alfushki, simply pierce the clothes, they inhibited the substance was read in microns, or even open the body will slow down once in the uppermost layer of the skin without causing any harm to the underlying salo.
But everything changes when you grab some dirty hands and nyashechku szhyraesh it. Or you pass along the dusty grass, breathing in the entire breast. If your hands or a blade of grass was really dirty - all you can be congratulated, you have already started to turn into a sad mummy Zsolt AND DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING. Ways to get rid of the actual number trapped in the body alpha drugs - does not exist, and if you knew that fatal breathe, all that remains to be done - it is useful to lay out of the pockets and retire into the woods with a good fit with a rope.

Factor 2.
This factor is generated by the same property of alpha-active drugs: their radiation has little penetrating power, but carries a very high energy. As a result, to detect and measure the pollution at a flow rate is very inconvenient to be judged by lying the dirt hefty tow-bell, and the content of dirty dust (aerosols) in the air - to determine the complex and low-tech way, pumping a certain volume of air through a bulky device with a filter, in order to to measure this same filter, and indirectly determine the concentration of hot particles in the medium.
It is because of an army unit of measurement gemorroynosti DP-5 devoid of alpha-probe, although the alleged war conditions of measurements (nuclear explosion) suggest a very high dose due to just the alpha-radiation.
Because of all this is an alpha-active substance can reach you, even thousands of miles away from the place of a radiation accident: to destroy your body enough, and microscopic dust particles, but the fact that it is likely proschelkayut - more than likely. Do not be surprised if the activity NWC burps every day throughout the former USSR, another corpse with a dull history.

As you will face with the alpha-active mud.

In its pure form - in any way, if you certainly do not have the same powerful enemies, like the London Berezovsky's henchman :) In pure form, which likely face either the beta or gamma with the capsules from demolished industrial sources - but it is also very exotic option. Therefore, the most probable variant of your encounter with radiation contamination - complex, where the mud will be attended by all four flow rates. And if you're around fiksiruesh radiation hazard, no matter what, is protected from alpha by default, will be healthier.

How to protect yourself.

First of all, protected by the respiratory system. This is done respirator. The only kosher mask - a mask is not pretentious, like in the movies of Defense, this is a primitive respirator SB-1 or "petal" - that is, a layer "fabric Petryanov" between two thick slices of slightly more than synthetics.
Petal easiest and most convenient of all the existing MLA The funds, and its effectiveness in protecting against dust and OD sols is quite sufficient: long-term experience of the Soviet nuclear industry, this proved quite convincingly - no claims to the lobe, and no one else has.
If you believe that pollution in the first round you are very high, and even defend the eye - any adjacent points. It goes without saying that neither smoke nor eat in a dirty place can not, and this is not the safe side, because it is quite possible variant of funny: you did everything right, put on a petal and successfully passed through nedetskoy gryazyuke not fuck up more than the inevitable - and foolish as a smoke just got a clean-hands :) And something else dirty, you pomatsal of cigarette and suck in the lungs resulting in three times more than if it crawled on his belly dirty place, and without a respirator.
The same is true about the respirator: Do not remove until you'll be completely confident that you came from a dirty place. If the shot, even "a minute" - can you believe that you did not put it, the consequences are exactly the same. So - DO NOT REMOVE. And in any case, DO NOT TOUCH HIS HAND.
If you went to a place about which you know EXACTLY what it is strongly zasrat the first flow - on arrival in a clean place IMMEDIATELY throw out the EVERYTHING that was with him and myself and vymoysya carefully, even if there is no place to wash, and at forty below zero outside . Remember: the process podyhaniya from bilateral pneumonia in tyschupitsot times more fun and relaxed than on luchovki, and always remember about the sad Zsolt mummy, comrade.
Therefore, never be sorry, "possible" dirty itemization. Discarded by mistake in the same net tyschupitsot times better than a mistake to put on / take a hands dirty. And do not hope that "the time is off, it's okay," This is not the second and third did not flow with it postirushki not a rental.

2 consumption. Beta radiation.

Beta radiation is emitted in beta decay, and a stream of charged particles, electrons or positrons, with no difference.
Electron - a thing very easy, hence the properties of the second flow rate: a low energy density, low (less than 1 rate, if it is very rude - up to 20-30 mm in living tissue) penetration, not very scary damaging effect - but everything is on the number of Of course, if you inhale a beta product, it also does not seem enough. In addition, beta-radiation is able to create so-called "Bremsstrahlung": when a dense stream of beta-absorbed obstacle, the more flies have a normal range, which arose in the process of absorption of the material of the energy barrier, which came to the beta-particles.

All this provides a fantastic ease of detection and measurements of flow 2, and total disregard for the beta-active drugs. It is clear that all again on the number of on-liter glass of strontium chloride does not look without respect, but if you like me to say that "there is quite a dirty nepodetstski the second," I will wear with a light heart, and pass bahilki dirty place without any something special about increased frequency of cardiac arrhythmias. I do not know why, but seriously, no one is beta, but it is exactly the same AI as everyone else.
By the way, the beta is very nice to know how to cause burns on contact. If you foolishly grab something really usratoe the second, it is quite possible that a long time will not be able to use this claw, healing will be long and unpleasant. For example, on my thigh for a quarter century flaunts bald blyamba, which dragged on for about a year.
This happens, as I understand it, precisely because of the ease of the beta particles and their low penetrating power: massively slowed down at the entrance to the barrier, they lose all energy, and therefore can quickly boil close to the surface of the contact layers of living tissue.
In short, the beta-rays are exactly the same little use for health, as well as the alpha - and their biggest threat if swallowed. I speak wrong, and purely personal opinion: as long as they shine on me outside, I personally do not care for them, and I better get polsta rem in the second than the third of a rem, or forbid, TNB, on the fourth. BUT, I repeat, this is purely my personal opinion, I stick to it strictly at your own risk.
It turns out that the difference between first-rate second only to the fact that the second flow simply capture and measure.

How do you do with them to encounter.

And nothing is likely. If you're not a nice home rabotnichek atomproma, the encounter with pure beta-medication is not easy to complete even impossible - if you have course I did not serve too playful handles large marine buoys, satellites, or not going through scrap and sledgehammers.
Therefore, the part about "how borotstso" treated purely formally - still need to repeat it all over again, in the chapter about the third flow.

How borotstso.

Do not get a beta product inside. Everything.

3 consumption, gamma-radiation.

Gamma is the electromagnetic waves, hence its main properties, high penetration and high ionizing ability.

This is what is meant in the home, saying the word "radiation" - that is something that "breaks through any obstacle."

"Punches" is certainly not "any" barrier, but it still breaks, and so well that sometimes it's hard to believe. Good, suitable gamma-ray source but at least enlighten the whole building on several floors, and floors are not empty, but filled with stainless steel hardware a little more than full.
If the rough and a peasant, the third contrast flow from the first and the second is about: it is not consumed by penetrating the barrier. Here, for example, shines on the body of the second flow rate, and the four turns - electron flew into the skin cell, smashed the chromosome in a nucleus - all quietly fell to the bottom of the cage and rolled into a corner. Or burst into an alpha particle, boil one mitochondrion, lost all his crap and cool. A gamma-rays, they are small, small, and therefore freely pass through the cell, like a bullet to the gym - but they are many and so warm it all, each of the organelle. Flies flock of the gamma-rays, and the cell does not notice it too healthy, and the gamma rays that do stumble on the atoms of the cell tissue, they make up the total number of pathetic interest.
/ Sorry, distracted, cont. prev. /
This means that none of the cell, or a hundred - gamma radiation will not stop. And do not weaken. And will be amazed by all the cells on the path of the radiation - here read with imagination: including bone marrow. In the spinal cord. As well as other organs to radiation is very sensitive. Eggs, for example.

How do you do with them to encounter.

For any radiation accident. Gamma will be present and be a major damaging factor in any accident involving nuclear power plants or radiatsionnoopasnym production.

How to protect yourself.

And did. Third-rate only helps distance. If (TNB forbid) something happens around you, or have the device in order to timely detect and it is time to slip away, or get ready for found sharply polysevshey Baska treated luchevku the only effective way - with a rope in the toilet. Alas, about verefko - it's not a joke of the Black humor, the radiation damage is not playing a stalker, so if you just happened so that you picked up, no vodka, no herring, no miracle pill out of the Orange Optechki you will not help.
Try to quite get it until livers from scale can not hide. Anywhere and in any way. It will shine through you constantly, day and night. And if your area showered, and did you realize that the power of the gamma-field inspires - your only salvation in the legs. Legs, comrade. Right and far between.

4 flow rate, or neutrons. (For the greater intelligibility heat will not be considered)

Neutron radiation is a stream of heavy neutral particles in the charge, which causes a whole bunch of very unpleasant circumstances. CONTINUED HERE.


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