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Dosimeters and radiometers

LLC "Axelbant"

Dosimeter-radiometer MS-04B "EXPERT" (Axelbant, Russia)

Dosimeter-radiometer MS-04B "EXPERT"  (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge

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Measuring rod 1,7 m:

Purpose: EXPERT dosimeter-radiometer is meant for identification of photon gamma-radiation equivalent dose capacity and beta-radiation flux density from contaminated surfaces in everyday life.

The device was included into the State Register of Measuring Instruments under No.13603-93

Measuing device type description

CE-sertification is in progress (november-december 2011).

Dosimeter to measure the seafood comes with a plastic bag with a lock.


- Capability of working in two independent modes of gamma- or beta-radiation measuring; 
- Maintaining digital indication of measuring results on liquid-crystal display; 
- Maintaining indication of MEASURING and RESULT operation modes; 
- Indication of the source charge supply; 
- Maintaining one second audio signal generation  at the moment the instrument changes from MEASURING to RESULT mode; 
- Maintaining continuous audio signal generation if the dose rate exceeds 99.99 mcSv/ hour; 
- the device can be used in SEARCH mode for a radiation source detection.

Main technical characteristics of the device:

- Range of equivalent dose rate measuring, mcSv/hour 0.1-500;
- Range of photon energies at dose rate measuring, MeV 0.06-1.25;
- Main relative error at dose rate identification, % ±30;
- Energy dependence at dose rate indication, % ±50;
- Beta-radiation flux density measuring range for contaminated surfaces;
- For Strontium-90, Yttrium-90 or Cesium-137, part./s cm2 0.3-500;
- Bottom energy limit for registered beta-radiation, not lower than MeV 0.156;
- Temperature range, оС -5...+40;
- Power supply source - 6F22 9V battery (CRONA, CORUNDUM);
- Continuous operation term with CORUNDUM battery at least 100 hours;
- Dimensions, mm 192 х 64 х 40;
- Weight, not above, kg 0.3.

Technical Standards for manufacture:
ABLK:412152.003 TU GOST 27451-87



Recommendations for MS-04B EXPERT instrument usage in identification of water, ground, foodstuff and agricultural product samples contamination:



Our dosimeters at Fukushima (article, Russian)

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Dosimeter-radiometer MS-04B "EXPERT"  (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter-radiometer MS-04B "EXPERT"  (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge  Dosimeter-radiometer MS-04B "EXPERT"  (Axelbant, Russia)Enlarge 


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