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Dosimeters and radiometers

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Domestic radiological control (B.V. Polenov)

Domestic radiological control (B.V. Polenov)Enlarge


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Domestic Radiological control

After the accident at Chernobyl in the population appeared radiophobia - the fear of impact on the body of radioactive (ionizing) radiation. It led to the same-laniyu be able to determine whether contaminated with radioactive substances, the surrounding environment - soil, vegetation, air, water, dikorastuyuschie berries and mushrooms, the world of animals, as well as clothing, materials, objects, food, and if they are for -dirty, then determine the level of pollution. 
For this purpose, experts of Atomic Energy (Rosatom) and the Ministry of Health (Minzdravsotsraz-development) was a Concept of the system of radiation monitoring carried out by the population (SRKN). It gave the opportunity to independently evaluate the population of the radiative environment in the place of residence or location, including carrying out checks of radioactive contamination of foodstuffs and animal feeds. Domestic dosimetry-cal instruments, included in this system were to provide the public opportunity to: 
- To assess the dose of gamma radiation; 
- To control the contamination of food, feed, subject of a comrade or products, building materials, etc. 
Additionally it is possible that these devices can assess the density of the flow of beta particles and the human dose. The concept also contained the basic tech-nical requirements for household appliances dosimetry, the levels of signaling. 
For several years after the Chernobyl accident was developed about 20 types of household dosimetry equipment, some of which were put into serial plant-mi. 
The most massive domestic dosimetry equipment to measure the dose rate of gamma radiation was the instrument "Bella". All were released about 1 million of these at-hog. Instruments that allow assessment of the level of dose rate of gamma radiation and the flux density of beta particles are MC-04B ("Expert"), ISS-01SA1B and others. To domestic dosimetry equipment, registering the gamma radiation from the worn-DBG-06T, HENRI-01 ("Pine"), RBR-104 (the "Master"), DKG-03D ("Rook"), SIM-05 ("Jupiter ")" Radeks "miniature devices" Cricket "and others. 
To help people to master knowledge in the field of nuclear physics and radio-registration of radiation was released for mass circulation popular science brochure BV Polenov "Dosimetric instruments for the population." 
Block diagram of household dosimetry equipment is about the same. They consist of a detector - gas-Geiger-Muller to cylindrical gamma radiation or mechanical counter with a thin entrance window - to re-registrable beta and gamma radiation. The device also contains an electronic circuit board shows-tries or pointer device, a light or audible signal, a source of pi-Tania. 
Household appliances are dosimetric indicators. However, this class of devices manufactured by a simplified technology, does not pass verification and on-this does not guarantee accuracy, allowing to assign these devices to measure the average properties. This is despite the fact that some of them contain a digital display. However, in the presence of knowledge and experience we can accurately monitor the level of radiation. 

In order to properly use household appliances need to know the dosimetric characteristics of the various types of radiation (gamma, beta, alpha, neutron). Gamma (photon) radiation has great penetrating ability of. The average range of gamma-quantum is about 100 meters in the air, and 10-15 cm in the bio-logical tissue. It is best to weaken the flow of gamma radiation materials with high atomic number Z - lead, steel, concrete, soil, etc. 
Beta particles or electrons have a low mileage (a few meters in air and the spirit of a few centimeters of tissue). Screen from the beta-radiation materials are best served with a small Z - aluminum, acrylic, etc. 
Alpha particles have very low mileage (no more than a centimeter in the air trench and no more than 0.1 mm of tissue). 
Neutrons (thermal, intermediate and fast) - uncharged particles.Med-making run of neutrons is strongly dependent on their energy.The average range of thermal neutrons is about 10-20 meters in the air and about 2.8 cm in biological tissue, for fast neutrons with an average mileage of 100-130 m in the air and about 10 cm in biological tissue-tion. 
These features of the penetration of different types of radiation in-imposes restrictions on their discovery. If the flux is isotropic (all directions), its level (flux, dose rate) is inversely proportional to the distance from the radiation source. 
Flux density or dose can be reduced protection that takes into account the peculiarities of this type of radiation. 


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